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Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt can’t get you into the most rip-roaring Hollywood parties, but with their latest film, “Babylon,” they can give you a taste of the singular magic of a movie set.

Art imitates stressful life in a massive scene early on during Damien Chazelle’s over-the-top ode to old Hollywood. In “Babylon” (in theaters Friday), filmmakers are trying to line up a key shot in a silent costume drama where A-list power player Jack Conrad (Pitt) plants a kiss on his leading lady just as extras bang around in swords and shields behind them, an orchestra plays, an explosion goes off and the sun sets – all at the same time. And that had to be like clockwork for Chazelle and Co., too.

“I’m so excited that people who aren’t in the movie industry can watch this and be a part of that moment,” Robbie says. “Because if I could give that to everyone in the world, I would.”

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‘Babylon’ star Li Jun Li gushes over Brad

LiLi couldn’t help but gush over working with the Fight Club alum, 59. “The first time I blacked out was when I got the job, and the second time I blacked out while acting alongside Brad. “He’s so cool and super goofy. He makes you feel so comfortable. What I admire about him is that even though he’s done so much in his career, he is still curious and inspired and fascinated by everything that happens on set.”

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Jean Smart on Being a ‘Smartass,’ Her Secret Admirer Harry Styles, and Sex With Brad Pitt

Midday on the Monday before Thanksgiving, Jean Smart is lounging in bed and talking about sex. More specifically, she’s talking about sex with Brad Pitt. Even more specifically than that, she’s talking about having sex with Brad Pitt on the set of Babylon (out Dec. 23), Damien Chazelle’s outrageous take on the apparently even more outrageous early years of Hollywood, a film whose outrageous cast includes not only Smart as the ur-Hollywood gossip columnist and Pitt as an aging star but also Margot Robbie, Olivia Wilde, Diego Calva, Max Minghella, Tobey Maguire, and an animatronic elephant. To be clear, the “big sex scene,” as Smart calls it, with Pitt never actually happens. But like her character, Smart isn’t one to let facts get in the way of a good sell. “Get people titillated! Get them out to the theaters!” she says with a laugh. Then, she turns on a dime. “Like, ’Ew, no. Ew. I don’t want to see that.’”

Let’s go back to Babylon. You have a scene with Brad Pitt that sums up the agony and the ecstasy of being a movie star, where you give a devastating monologue about the fleeting nature of fame.
Are you talking about our big sex scene?

[Laughs.] Yeah, that one. [Ed note: There is no such sex scene.]
Yeah, get people titillated! Get them out to the theaters! Like, “Ew, no. Ew, I don’t want to see that.”

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‘Lego Masters’ Renewed for Fourth Season

Fox is going to continue playing with Lego.

The network has renewed its competition series Lego Masters, hosted by Will Arnett, for a fourth season. Fox has also picked up a second edition of the short-run spinoff Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular ahead of its Dec. 19 premiere. Both are set to air in the 2023-24 season.

“Lego Masters represents what TV does best, bringing all ages together for a night of family-friendly fun and competition,” said Allison Wallach, president unscripted programming at Fox. “The builders raised the bar with an incredible fusion of creativity and engineering genius in season three, which featured even more pop culture-piercing themed episodes and our toughest competition yet. With Will Arnett back as host, alongside our immensely talented production crew and partners at Endemol Shine North America, the sky’s the limit on season four.”

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