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Brad Pitt To Butter Up MTV Movie Awards By Handing Off Golden Popcorn

Brad Pitt, a potential 2014 MTV Movie Award nominee for this summer’s zombie-apocalypse film “World War Z,” has signed on to present the award for Movie of the Year at this Sunday’s 2013 MTV Movie Awards ceremony. And Pitt isn’t the only star coming to the show. “Game of Thrones” actor Peter Dinklage will present the Comedic Genius Award to his “Elf” co-star Will Ferrell in a moment that will surely provide the Internet with plenty of GIF fodder.

Movie of the Year, the biggest award of the night, is an apt award for Pitt to present considering that the actor is one of the biggest stars in the world. The “Moneyball” and “Inglorious Basterds” actor will be handing off the Golden Popcorn to one of last year’s biggest movies — “Marvel’s The Avengers,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Django Unchained,” “Silver Linings Playbook” and “Ted.” Only time will tell if the winner is human, super human, or a foul-mouthed stuffed animal.

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Brad Pitt in GMA News TV’s Biography this Sunday

From his humble birthplace in Oklahoma to high school acting gigs at Kickapoo High School in Missouri, Pitt has traveled the all-American road to Hollywood.

He received his first notice from movie fans in Thelma and Louise, then climbed to superstardom through projects like A River Runs Through It, Interview with a Vampire, Seven, Twelve Monkeys, Meet Joe Black, Fight Club and Oceans Eleven. His recent films The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Inglorious Basterds garnered critical acclaim.

Pitt has won numerous awards in addition to two Best Actor Oscar nominations. His filmography shows the work of a truly great actor, but few realize he has also produced Oscar award winning films under his production company Plan B Entertainment.

Biography has set new standards for the biographical documentary. The series has twice won the EMMY® Award for Outstanding Nonfiction Series from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and now airs every Sunday at 10 pm on GMA News TV Channel 11.

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Brad Pitt: Pink pranks on ‘Moneyball’ set

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Ann Curry’s first question: “How is it up there on Cloud 9?”

Cracked Brad: “Any moment sitting next to Jonah is Cloud 9, as you will quickly pick up on. No, it’s really nice, really nice for the film. This thing was an arduous undertaking. … I’m happy it’s paid off.

Pitt admitted there was some pranking on the set. “They gave us golf carts” to travel from one set of the lot to the other, he explained, going past several other productions. “I had Jonah’s cart rigged. Whenever he turned it on it would blast Wake me up Before you Go-go. … It was pretty good, I gotta say.

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Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill talk ‘Moneyball’ and Oscar

Actor and producer Brad Pitt joins TODAY in Studio 1A for the first time, along with his “Moneyball” costar, Jonah Hill. The actors talk with TODAY’s Ann Curry about what it would mean to them for the film to hit a home run at the Oscars and why they were so driven to make the film.

Hill also talks about what a great boss Pitt was and says he enjoyed working with the star so much he forgot that “he could fire me at any minute.”

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Brad Pitt on “Moneyball,” kids and marriage

Do they have a sense of you and Angelina are as famous as you are? I mean, do they get that?

They know that mommy and daddy work in films and stories,” said Pitt.

But of the paparazzi? “Well, you know, they think everyone has to deal with that. Four of mine aren’t bothered by it, two of them are. They just don’t like it. Don’t like it.

How do you deal with that, though?” asked Cowan. “I mean, really deal with it because you deal with it on a scale that other people can’t even imagine.

When it first hit, it was very discombobulating and I would, would repel from it. And now I see it as, as something that can be used for good things.

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Brad Pitt tells CBS: My kids are pressuring me to marry

In Oscar season, the hopefuls open up to impress voters. Brad Pitt, a best actor nominee for “Moneyball,” is sharing details about his family life with “CBS Sunday Morning” this weekend.

Pitt and companion Angelina Jolie, an Oscar winner, have six children.

We’re getting a lot of pressure from the kids” to marry, Pitt tells Lee Cowan. “It means something to them, and they’re, you know, they have questions when their friends’ parents are married and why is that…

Cowan asks, “So, what do you tell them?

Pitt reveals: “I haven’t been very good at it. Mainly, ‘We will someday, we will, that’s a great idea.’ ‘Get mommy a ring.’ ‘Okay, I will, I will.’

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Brad to present @ Screen Actors Guild Awards

Actor recipients Kathy Bates, Jessica Chastain, George Clooney, Sir Ben Kingsley, Melissa McCarthy, Brad Pitt, Zoe Saldana, Owen Wilson and Kristen Wiig will be presenters at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Executive Producer Jeff Margolis announced today.

They join a growing roster of actors who will honor their colleagues at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards that already includes Kevin Bacon, Kenneth Branagh, Kyle Chandler, Matt Czuchry, Patrick Duffy, Jean Dujardin, Tina Fey, Linda Gray, Judy Greer, Larry Hagman, Armie Hammer, Ed Helms, SAG President Ken Howard, Regina King, John Krasinski, Julianna Margulies, Natalie Portman, Maya Rudolph, Kyra Sedgwick, Octavia Spencer, Meryl Streep, Michelle Williams and Dick Van Dyke.

Brad Pitt has earned his fifth SAG Award nomination for his lead performance in “Moneyball.” Pitt received an Actor in 2010 as a member of the cast in “Inglourious Basterds” and can next been seen starring in “Cogan’s Trade” and “World War Z,” films he also produced with his production company, Plan B Entertainment.

SAG Awards(R) will be Simulcast Live on TNT and TBS on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012 at 8 p.m. (ET) / 5 p.m. (PT)

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