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Lavish Feast @ Maltese restaurant

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their brood of six will be spending June in Malta as he films zombie flick World War Z. Pitt, 47, and Jolie, 36, have rented a palatial $11 million mansion in Qrendi, Malta, just five minutes from the ocean, and plan to live it up with their kids before the movie starts rolling.

But on Tuesday night, the couple soaked up some adult time with dinner at Trattoria Da Pippo in the nearby town of Valetta.

Leaving Shiloh and the gang behind, the twosome met up with ten other friends and colleagues for a sumptuous Maltese meal.

Explains a local insider: “It’s a lunchtime restaurant, so it was opened especially for them. Brad wanted a dinner for some of the people working on the film. It was an intimate setting.”

As ever, Pitt was “a gentleman” with his love of six years. “He held the door, and pulled out her seat,” the insider says, adding that the sat next to each other.

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• x001 June 14 – Trattoria Da Pippo – Valetta, Malta.

Styling Brad Pitt for the cover

About a month ago, I got the call of a lifetime. All-star photographer and friend Kwaku Alston was on hold to shoot Brad Pitt for the cover of USA WEEKEND magazine and he wanted me on it. With a last minute confirmation I had less than 12 hours to pull clothes. The guidelines from Senior Photo Editor at USA Weekend Magazine, David Baratz, was clear “.. tops should be bright, colorful, casual. No busy patterns, dark colors or shirts with messages/slogans/graphics.” Done and done.

Fast forward 12 hours. Brad arrives to set, we meet, have brief conversation about the wardrobe and his direction is clear: “I’m going through my Johnny Cash phase. I’m liking black.”

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• x001 May 00 – On set of USA Weekend photoshoot – Los Angeles, CA.