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Updates Updates Updates

December 30, 2014 Josan 0

• x033 12 Years a Slave: DVD Extra: A Historical Portrait • x015 Hola And lotsa other stuff, just check last uploaded at the BP Gallery. I also updated BP […]

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Brad Pitt: Born Again Book Nerd?

September 25, 2012 Josan 0

The past two days have been bookended by news from the front of Brad Pitt’s literary land-grab. Yesterday the Weinstein Company announced it had shifted the release date of “Killing […]

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SB Update

September 6, 2012 Josan 1

So it is time to update some subpages I think. Don’t know if people actually visit them but they are rather fun to me cause it is true info! So […]

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Candy Store

September 1, 2012 Josan 2

The last movie that Stephen Gaghan wrote and directed, Syriana, was able to nab an all-star cast that included George Clooney, Matt Damon, Christopher Plummer, Jeffrey Wright, Chris Cooper, Amanda […]

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Projects section update

May 13, 2011 Josan 1

I got off my ass and updated the following movie pages from the Projects section. I know not many of you venture there but I love these subpages very much. […]

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Cogan’s Trade?

November 4, 2010 Josan 0

Brad Pitt is negotiating to star in and produce Cogan’s Trade, a comedic crime saga that re-teams Pitt with Andrew Dominik, who directed Pitt in the gunslinger role in the […]

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Saints Documentary

September 9, 2010 Josan 0

As announced last week, Brad lend his voice to the New Orleans Saints documentary and various videos can be viewed (and listened to) at the official NFL website. Thank you […]

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

May 7, 2010 Josan 0

Every hot young actress in Hollywood wants to play the lead in Sony Pictures’ The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. But will director David Fincher cast one of them — […]