Glory Days

Glory Days followed the coming of age of four friends. Dave Rotecki who became a cop, Walker Lovejoy the struggling journalist, Dominic the college student and Triggs, the only one who as no idea who he wants to be. We follow these characters as they struggle to achieve success while maintaining the friendship that made them best friends in High School.

Brad Pitt – as Walker Lovejoy
Beth Broderick – as Sheila Jackson
Spike Alexander – as Officer Dave Rutecki
Nicholas Kallsen – as Peter ‘T-Bone’ Trigg
Evan Mirand – as Dominic Fopiano

Episode 01
Title: The Kids Are Allright
First Aired: June 25, 1990
Synopsis: On the series pilot, Rutecki’s shooting of an unarmed man is witnessed by his three closest friends, including an aspiring writer, whose accounts of the incident is rewritten and printed by his new editor.

Episode 02
Title: Blastin’ the Blues Away
First Aired: August 01, 1990
Synopsis: Rutecki takes offense when Lovejoy testifies on behalf of a rap performer whose lyrics condone violence against police.

Episode 03
Title: Whattya Wanna Do Tonight?
First Aired: August 23, 1990
Synopsis: Reactions from his friends prevent Fopiano from fully enjoying the company of an overweight woman.

Episode 04
Title: Trigg’s Mistaken Identity Crisis
First Aired: August 30, 1990
Synopsis: Wrong places, wrong time for Trigg, who finds a rape victim after the fact—and becomes the prime suspect.

Episode 05
Title: Tammy Tell Me True
First Aired: September 06, 1990
Synopsis: A city councilman falls under the spell of a beguiling female who likes expensive toys—and is a minor; Trigg makes a career move.

Episode 06
Title: Precursed
First Aired: September 13, 1990
Synopsis: A robbery-murder at a chemical warehouse makes a good story for Walker but bad news for Ruteck; who learns his partner may be involved.