Nick Drake Special

As presenter
On: BBC radio 2
Date: January 03, 2005
Location: London, UK

“I’m Brad Pitt and I’m a huge admirer of this english singer/singwriter who has influenced singers from REM to Radiohead to Norah Jones..”

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Award-winning actor and Drake fan Brad Pitt agreed to voice a Radio 2 documentary about Nick’s life and music, which he recorded during a break from filming.

Dave Barber, from Radio 2, says, “I didn’t want it to turn into the Brad Pitt show – he wanted people to know about Nick and find his music themselves.”

And it’s not just Drake’s popularity which is on the up – his early records are now rising up in the ranks of the collectable recordings market.

Danny Reddington, who owns a rare record shop, explains, “Nick Drake has always sold but once Brad Pitt did the radio show everybody is getting in on it – they go for £150 now.”

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