Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas


Character: Sinbad (voice)
Release Date: 2 July 2003
Directed By: Patrick Gilmore, Tim Johnson
Written By: John Logan
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy/Animation/Family
Tagline: –
MPAA Rating: R
Produced by: DreamWorks Animation
Distributed by: DreamWorks Distribution
Budget: $60,000,000 (estimated)
Filming Dates: –

Brad Pitt…Sinbad (voice)
Catherine Zeta-Jones…Marina (voice)
Michelle Pfeiffer…Eris (voice)
Joseph Fiennes…Proteus (voice)
Dennis Haysbert…Kale (voice)
Timothy West…Dymas (voice)

Filming Locations:

An Arabian sailor named Sinbad is on a quest to find the magical legendary Book of Peace, a mysterious artifact that Eris, the Greek wicked goddess of chaos, has ultimately framed him for stealing! If he fails on this quest, his childhood friend Prince Proteus of Syracuse will take Sinbad’s death penalty, while Eris gains a desired foothold of power in the world of mortals.

Trivia & Facts:
Initially, Russell Crowe signed up for the title role, but in the autumn of 2001 he was replaced by Brad Pitt because Crowe was too busy working on another project.

According to an article in Wired, this is the “first Hollywood production created entirely on Linux”. Animators used more than 250 HP workstations, loaded with Red Hat Linux and custom animation software, to render the film.

In order to get a U rating (same as an American G) the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) requires that 12 seconds featuring a head-butt had to be removed. An uncut 12 years and upwards rating would be the lowest that would allow the head-butt to be kept in.

In the original legend, Sinbad is from Baghdad, not Greece.

Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta-Jones did not meet until the premiere.

Spike, Sinbad’s dog, was more popular in a screen test than Sinbad himself, so the filmmakers added in seven new Spike scenes before the film was released.

In the scene in which the entire crew, including Spike, is loosing their lunch after traveling at top speeds you can hear a man say, “Hey, where did he get the carrot?” According to the filmmakers, that line was a joke someone said during story production that made everyone groan so much that they decided to put it in the movie.

From the gallery

Proteus: It’s my responsibility to bring the Book of Peace safely to Syracuse.
Sinbad: See, now I just feel bad, ’cause you’re gonna get fired.

Sinbad: And you are?
Eris: Eris, the goddess of discord. You may have seen my likeness on the temple walls.
Sinbad: You know, they don’t do you justice.

Kale: What happened down there?
Sinbad: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.
Kale: Try me.
Sinbad: Okay, here goes. So I meet Eris, the goddess of discord? She’s got a major crush on me, and she invited me back to her place.

Proteus: Do you have any idea how serious this is?
Sinbad: Do you have any idea how many times I’ve heard that today?

Sinbad: Look, this is the way it works. First, I actually commit a crime, *then* you get to blame me for it!

Kale: Fiji?
Sinbad: Think of the beaches!
Kale: Beautiful – if you like mosquitoes.
Sinbad: Think of the sun!
Kale: It’s monsoon season!
Sinbad: The women, then!
Kale: They’re cannibals there.
Sinbad: Exactly!

Marina: Are you sure you…
Sinbad: Yes, we have done this kind of thing before, no, there is no other way, and yes, you do have my permission to stand there quietly and receive a free lesson in sailing. Besides, a ship is no place for a woman.

Sinbad: Who’s bad? Sinbad!

[about Marina]
Sinbad: How can one woman do so much damage?

Marina: Knife, please.
Sinbad: Oh, right, like I’d give you a weapon.

[Everyone is seasick from being towed in the wake of a giant fish]
Sinbad: Whose idea was that again?
Marina: I don’t know… but he owes me lunch.

[Going to rescue Marina from a giant bird]
Sinbad: She couldn’t see the bird? Everyone else saw it. It’s as big as the freaking ship! Marina? Marina is looking the other way.

Marina: So, how do we get down?
Sinbad: I don’t know.
[She stares at him]
Sinbad: I don’t know yet. I’m workin’ on it.
Marina: You scaled a thousand-foot tower of ice, and you don’t know how to get down?
Sinbad: Hey, if you’d rather take your chances by yourself, that can be arranged!

Sinbad: Pray to the gods. We may be meeting them soon.

Sinbad: Well, well, well. This has got to be a little embarrassing for you, Eris.
Eris: [chuckles] Don’t push your luck, Sinbad. You’re cute. But not *that* cute.

Marina: You’re rescuing me?
Sinbad: Well – yes, if that’s what you want to call it. But this is going to cost you another diamond. Rescues are not part of the usual tourist package.

[it is cold and Kale is bare-chested]
Sinbad: Put a shirt on before you poke someone’s eye out!

Sinbad: What is it?
Rat: It just ends, captain. It’s the edge of the world.
Jin: Pay up. It’s flat.

Sinbad: A sword at my throat
Sinbad: at my chest
Sinbad: at my
[points towards his groin]
Sinbad: [quick cut to sailor]
Sailor: Pickles and eggs.

Rat: [Sinbad is looking annoyed after Marina compliments a sailor for “courtesy”] You know, you
really ought to be a little more courteous.
Sinbad: [Sinbad punches Rat off screen] Oh, Great. Now I’m getting etiquette lessons from a bilge rat.

Sinbad: [after one of Proteus’ men was eaten and then spit up my a sea monster but goes back to fighting it anyway] Give that guy a raise!

Marina: [plotting how to escape the Roq] So. What do we have to work with? Um… ropes?

Sinbad: Uh… no.
Marina: Grappling hooks?
Sinbad: Yeah-no.
Marina: [exasperated] Your swords?
Sinbad: Hey, I’ve got this!
[pulls out a knife]
Marina: Oh, great. He can pick his teeth when he’s done with us!

Eris: Now. About my Sea Monster.
Sinbad: Right, right, listen, I’m sorry about that. I don’t suppose a heartfelt apology would do.
Eris: [chuckles wryly] Heartfelt? From you? Sinbad! You don’t have a heart.

[In Eris’ Realm of Chaos]
Eris: Make yourself at home.
Sinbad: Thank you. Uh… nice place you got here.
Eris: Like it? I’m planning on doing the whole world this way.
Sinbad: Wow. That’s a – good plan! Well, I see you’re busy, so listen, we’ll just take the Book of Peace and – get out of your way.

[Sinbad finds out Marina sneaked onto the ship]
Sinbad: What do you think you’re doing here?
Marina: I’m here to make sure you get the Book of Peace. Or bring back your dead body if you fail.
Sinbad: *Really.* And how are you going to pull that off?
Marina: By whatever means necessary.
Sinbad: Did you bring a crew?
Marina: No.
Sinbad: You know how to get to Tartarus?
Marina: Um… no.
Sinbad: Can you navigate on your own?
Marina: Yes!
Sinbad: Well good! Then I’ll dump your butt in a rowboat and you can paddle all the way back to Syracuse. ‘Cause we’re going to Fiji.

[Marina is trying to get Sinbad to go to Tartarus and get the Book of Peace back to save Proteus]
Marina: You’re really not going to lose any sleep over this, are you?
Sinbad: Not a wink.
Marina: Because me, I’d be tossing and turning, knowing I’m alive… because I let my friend die.
Sinbad: Augh! I’m not responsible for this mess! And I didn’t ask Proteus to put his neck on the line for me!
Marina: Look, clearly I can’t appeal to your *honour*. But I have other ways of convincing you.
Sinbad: Really? Uh… Just how do you expect to do that?
Marina: By speaking your language.
[holds up a large diamond]
Sinbad: [takes the diamond] Keep talking.
Marina: [Marina empties a small bag of jewels into his hand. Sinbad considers it]
Sinbad: Yup, this’ll do! But – not for first class.

[Sinbad is dragging Marina over the ship to her new “quarters”, while she fights him furiously]
Sinbad: As you can see, we’re well equipped to accommodate the most discerning of royal taste. We have
excellent ocean views! Luxurious living quarters –
[dumps her into the storeroom]
Sinbad: with three gourmet meals a day. Pickles, eggs, and pickles!
[Spike comes on screen]
Sinbad: Oh hey Spike, there you are.
[to Marina]
Sinbad: I’d like to introduce you to your new bunkmate, or actually you’re *his* new bunkmate, as it’s
actually his bunk. We do hope you have a pleasant stay aboard the Chimera! Oh. If he starts hugging your leg – it means he likes you.

[Marina saved the crew from the Sirens, all Sinbad does is blame her for the damage she did to the ship]
Marina: Are you crazy? I saved your life!
Sinbad: Oh, I would’ve been fine. I always am.
Marina: Right.
[walks away muttering toward her “cabin”]
Marina: So ungrateful. It’s just typical.
Sinbad: And you chipped the paint! Right here, look at it! That’s more than a little scratch!
[Marina slams the door behind her, the crew and Spike look at Sinbad reproachfully]
Sinbad: [groans angrily] The dog – and the crew – and th-th-that *woman*!
[knocks at Marina’s door]
Sinbad: [both shouting]
Marina: What?
Sinbad: Thank you!
Marina: You’re welcome!
Sinbad: No problem!
Marina: Don’t worry about it!
Sinbad: I won’t!
Marina: Good!
Sinbad: Good-bye!
Marina: Bye to you!
[slams door shut again]

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