Mr & Mrs Smith


Character: John Smith
Release Date: 7 June 2005
Directed By: Doug Liman
Written By: Simon Kinberg
Genre: Action/Comedy/Romance/Thriller
Tagline: –
MPAA Rating: –
Produced by: New Regency Pictures, Summit Entertainment, Weed Road Pictures, Epsilon Motion Pictures, Regency Enterprises
Distributed by: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Budget: $110,000,000 (estimated)
Filming Dates: 12 August 2004 – 31 October 2004/5 January 2004 – 22 April 2004
Reshoots: 14 March 2005 – 18 March 2005

Brad Pitt…John Smith
Angelina Jolie…Jane Smith
Vince Vaughn…Eddie
Adam Brody…Benjamin Danz
Kerry Washington…Jasmine
Keith David…Father

Filming Locations:
Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, New York, USA
Caltrans District 7 HQ Building – 100 S. Main St., Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA (exteriors – construction site)
City of Industry, California, USA
Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA
Los Angeles Center Studios – 450 S. Bixel Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA (studio)
Los Angeles, California, USA
New York City, New York, USA
Pasadena, California, USA (exteriors – Smith residence)
Rome, Lazio, Italy
San Bernardino County, California, USA (Johnson Valley)

John and Jane smith are a normal married couple, living a normal life in a normal suburb, working normal jobs– well, if you can call secretly being assassins “normal”. But neither Jane nor John knows about their spouse’s secret, until they are surprised to find each other as targets! But on their quest to kill each other, they learn a lot more about each other than they ever did in five (or six) years of marriage.

Trivia & Facts:
When casting for the role of Robert Ford it came down to Casey Affleck and Shia LaBeouf. Affleck eventually got the role, because LaBeouf was felt to be too young.

Garret Dillahunt was originally set to play Casey Affleck’s brother, due to their striking resemblance, but due to a TV commitment, Dillahunt was given a smaller role and Sam Rockwell replaced his original part.

Nicole Kidman was originally cast as Mrs. Smith.

Johnny Depp was originally cast as John Smith, but turned it down after being overworked with other movies he was shooting.

Catherine Zeta-Jones was also considered for Mrs. Smith, while Johnny Depp and Will Smith were considered for Mr. Smith when it was not sure if Brad Pitt would sign on.

Cate Blanchett was also considered for the role of Mrs. Smith

Brad Pitt reportedly left the project after Nicole Kidman dropped out and her replacement had not yet been found. Once Angelina Jolie signed on, he returned to the project.

In order to get a wider PG-13 audience, a very steamy sex scene between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was cut.

The script reportedly went through over fifty drafts. Although original writer Simon Kinberg was the final writer during production, various uncredited writers worked on drafts throughout the film’s development, including JezButterworth, ‘John Butterworth’ , Carrie Fisher, Akiva Goldsman, Ted Griffin, Kieran Mulroney, Michele Mulroney, and Terence Winter.

Brad Pitt left in the middle of shooting for three months to shoot Ocean’s Twelve (2004).

Near the end of the story, when Benjamin is being interrogated by the Smiths, he is wearing a Fight Club shirt. Brad Pitt starred in Fight Club (1999).

Was shipped to theaters under the code name “Jones”.

The original ending featured villains played by Jacqueline Bisset and Terence Stamp. After this was dropped, a second ending was filmed with Angela Bassett and Keith David as the villains. This too was dropped when it was decided that the film did not need a final confrontation with the villains at all.

Many of the scenes from the trailer were not in the movie, including Brad Pitt riding a bike while shooting and Keith David ordering someone to “bring in everyone,” after finding out “it’s the Smiths”.

Angela Bassett was cast as Mr. Smith’s boss but her scenes were subsequently cut from the film. Her voice is still heard in the film, giving him instructions of his next assignment.

Gwen Stefani was considered for the role of Jane Smith after Nicole Kidman dropped out.

The 35mm prints of this film come from a digitally grain reduced digital intermediate. They are full of digital grain reduction artifacts.

I-Temp is located in Suite 5003 at 570 Lexington Avenue. The building is real and it has 50 floors.

When Jane and John are discussing past assassinations, John refers to Jean-Luc Gespar, which was the
real name for the character LaMarc in Ocean’s Twelve (2004).

Aishwarya Rai was the first choice for “Jane” but she turned it down due to filming dates.

Body count: 43

In the scene where John Smith is in his office a black suit with a white shirt and red tie can be seen hanging in the background. This is the same outfit worn by “Agent 47” in the popular Hitman game series.

Script-writer Simon Kinberg names The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996), Prizzi’s Honor (1985), The War of the Roses (1989), True Lies (1994) and the The Thin Man (1934)-series as inspirations for his script for this movie.

The film’s original script was actually writer Simon Kinberg’s thesis for his Masters in Fine Arts.

From the gallery

John Smith: Come to Daddy.
Jane Smith: [after she bashes him with a teapot and headbutts him] Who’s your Daddy now?

John Smith: [searching for Jane, holding a pistol

John Smith: Your aim’s as bad as your cooking sweetheart… and that’s saying something!

[last lines]
John Smith: [at marriage counseling] Ask us the sex question.
Jane Smith: [whispers] John.
John Smith: [softly with his fingers out for ten] Ten.

John Smith: [after firing a rocket launcher] We should so not be allowed to buy these.

John Smith: [after Jane escapes on a high wire]
Chicken shit!
Jane Smith: Pussy!

Eddie: Tell me you got smart and that you killed that lying bitch.
Jane Smith: This lying bitch?
Eddie: Guess that was just wishful thinking.

Marriage Counselor: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate the happiness of your marriage?
Jane Smith: 8.
John Smith: Wait. Could you clarify? Is 10 the highest? 10 being perfectly happy and 1 being totally miserable or…
Marriage Counselor: Just respond instinctively.
John Smith: Ok. Ready?
Jane Smith, John Smith: 8.

John Smith: [hitman from the BMW opens the van’s left door. John opens the other van door and yanks the hitman through] These doors are handy.

John Smith: You looked like Christmas morning.

John Smith: Hiya, stranger.
Jane Smith: Hiya back.

John Smith: Does that include weekends?
[when asked how many times they have sex]

John Smith: I guess that’s what happens in the end, you start thinking about the beginning.

John Smith: [angry that Benjamin had blown their cover] You burn the picture after you get the assignment! It’s the first thing you learn!
Benjamin: Oh, I must have missed that day. Just like you missed the one about not marrying the enemy.

[John has just returned from shooting Lucky at the bar]
Jane Smith: Hey baby. I didn’t hear you downstairs.
John Smith: I went down to the sports bar. Put a little money on the game.
Jane Smith: How’d you do?
John Smith: I got Lucky.

John Smith: [both pointing guns at each other; John drops his] You want it? It’s yours.
Jane Smith: Don’t! C’mon! C’mon!

[about the new curtains Jane bought]

Jane Smith: If you don’t like them we can take them back.
John Smith: All right, I don’t like them.
Jane Smith: [pause] You’ll get used to them.

John Smith: Web of lies!

[both have discovered that they were on the desert and one tried to kill the other]
John Smith: I missed you.
Jane Smith: I missed you too.

Jane Smith: That vacation in Aspen, you left early, why?
John Smith: Jean-Luc Gespar.
Jane Smith: Damn, I wanted him.
John Smith: I got it.

Jane Smith: You ever have trouble sleeping after?
John Smith: No.
Jane Smith: Me neither.

John Smith: Option A: You talk, we listen, no pain. Option B: You don’t talk, I remove your thumbs with my pliers, it will hurt. Option C: I like to vary the details a bit but the punchline is… you die.

Benjamin: [while being interrogated and tortured by John Smith] Can I have a soda or a juice or…
Benjamin: [Jane hits him with the telephone] A! A! Option A! Ow, that hurt.
John Smith: Ok, that was a nice shot.

Lucky: What? You’re looking for a job or something?
John Smith: You are the job.
[John kills everybody in the room]
John Smith: [looking at the cards at the table] Pair of threes.

Eddie: This broad is not your wife, she’s the enemy.
John Smith: She tried to kill me.
Eddie: They all try to kill you. Slowly, painfully, cripplingly, and then wham. They hurt you. How you going to handle it?
John Smith: [grabs assault rifle] I’m going to borrow this.
Eddie: I like where your head’s at, man.

John Smith: We have an unusual problem here, Jane. You obviously want me dead, and I’m less and less concerned for your well-being.

[first lines]
John Smith: [at the marriage counselor’s] OK, I’ll go first. Um… Let me say, uh, we don’t really need to be here. See, we’ve been married for five years.
Jane Smith: Six.
John Smith: [chastened] Five, six years.

Jane Smith: [referring to the pursuing cars] They’re bulletproof!
John Smith: [having not heard and shot at the cars] They’re bulletproof!

John Smith: Dance with me.
Jane Smith: You don’t dance.
John Smith: It was just my cover, sweetheart.
Jane Smith: Was sloth your cover, too?

John Smith: We’re going to have to re-do every conversation we’ve ever had.

John Smith: How many? Ok… I’ll go first, then. I don’t keep exact count, but I’d say, uh, high 50s, low 60s. I mean, I know I’ve been around the block an all, but…
Jane Smith: 312.
John Smith: What? How?
Jane Smith: Some were two at a time.

John Smith: [after his wife checks his crotch for a weapon] That’s all John, sweetheart.

John Smith: [during a car chase] I never told you, but I was married once before.
Jane Smith: [slams on the brakes]
John Smith: What’s wrong with you?
Jane Smith: [hitting John] You’re what’s wrong with me John.
John Smith: It was just a drunken Vegas thing.
Jane Smith: Oh, that’s better. That’s *much* better.
Jane Smith: What’s her name and social security number?
John Smith: No, you’re not gonna kill her.

Jane Smith: My parents died when I was five. I’m an orphan.
John Smith: Who was that kind fellow who gave you away at our wedding?
Jane Smith: Paid actor.
John Smith: I said, I said I saw your dad on “Fantasy Island”!

John Smith: [hotwiring a neighbor’s minivan] He’s had my barbecue set for months.

John Smith: [just before running over an assassin with the minivan] These fuckers get younger every year.

Jane Smith: Wait, why do I get the girl gun?
John Smith: Are you kidding me?

Jane Smith: Any last words?
John Smith: The new curtains are hideous.

John Smith: That’s the second time you’ve tried to kill me today.
Jane Smith: Oh, come on, it was just a little bomb.

John Smith: [after Jane accidentally throws a knife that punctures his leg] We’ll talk about this later.

John Smith: I can’t believe I brought my real parents to our wedding.

John Smith: [after having accidentally shot at his wife, Mr. Smith is on the roof of her car while she’s trying to throw him off] Come on, let’s talk about this! You don’t want to go to bed angry!

Eddie: Did you get a look at him?
John Smith: Little thing. Buck ten, buck fifteen tops.
Eddie: Maybe he was Filipino!
John Smith: I’m not even sure it was a him.
Eddie: You saying you had your ass handed to you by some girl?
John Smith: I think so. A pro.

John Smith: Sweet Jesus! Mother of God!

Eddie: Are you saying you had your ass handed to you by some girl?
John Smith: I think so.

John Smith: I never went to MIT. Notre Dame. Art history major.
Jane Smith: Art?
John Smith: History! It’s reputable.

John Smith: I realise you witnessed the Mrs. and I working through a few domestic issues. That’s regrettable but don’t take that to be a sign of weakness, that would be a mistake on your part.
[Jane is drumming her fingers impatiently]
John Smith: Honey!
Jane Smith: Wrap it up.
John Smith: Maybe it’s not such a good idea to undermine me in front of the hostage – sends a mixed message.
Jane Smith: Sorry.
John Smith: Girls. Where was I?
Benjamin: Mistake on your part.
John Smith: Shut up.

John Smith: Did you hear the helicopter dropping me off that night for our anniversary dinner?
Jane Smith: No. Oh, percussion grenades. I was partially deaf that evening.

John Smith: What’s new?
Eddie: Same old. People need killing.

John Smith: Oh, you’re in trouble now!

Jane Smith: I told you to wait for my signal, you didn’t wait for my signal.
John Smith: Well, I improvised.
Jane Smith: You deviated from the plan.
John Smith: The plan was flawed.
Jane Smith: The plan was not flawed.
John Smith: Anal.
Jane Smith: *Organized.*
John Smith: Jane, 90% of this job is instinct.
Jane Smith: Well, your instinct set off *every* alarm in the building!
John Smith: My instinct got the job done. It may not have been the Jane show…
Jane Smith: No, it was the John show: it was half-assed. Like Christmas, like our anniversary, like the time you forgot to bring my mother’s birthday present.
John Smith: Your *fake* mother’s birthday present.

Jane Smith: The point is, you are *always* the first to break team.
John Smith: You don’t want a team, you want a servant for hire.
Jane Smith: I want someone I can count on.
John Smith: [sigh] Jane, there’s no error around you anymore.
Jane Smith: [pleased] Oh. OK, what is that supposed to mean?
John Smith: That means there’s no room for mistakes, no mistakes whatsoever. No spontaneity. Who can answer to that?
Jane Smith: Well, you don’t have to. Because this isn’t even a real marriage.
[brooding silence]
Benjamin: [locked up in the back of the van, in a bewildered voice] *Who are you people?*
Jane Smith: [yelling] Shut up!

John Smith: Careful, Jane. I can push the button any time I like.
Jane Smith: Baby, you couldn’t find the button with both hands and a map.

John Smith: Let’s see if we can’t get a tune out of this trombone.

John Smith: [comparing injuries with Jane] I’m slightly colorblind. Retinal scarring.

John Smith: [comparing injuries with Jane] Three ribs. Broken eye socket. Perforated eardrum.

John Smith: [talking about their predicament] So what do we do, Jane? Shoot it out here? Hope for the best?

Jane Smith: Well, that would be a shame because they would probably ask me to leave once you are dead.

Jane Smith: [dancing with John, he’s just finished searching her for weapons] Satisfied?
John Smith: Not for years.

Jane Smith: I thought I told you not to bother me at the office, honey.
John Smith: Well, you are still Mrs. Smith.
Jane Smith: Well, so are a lot of girls.

Eddie: Did you get any other details on her besides her weight class?
John Smith: [mumbles while chewing food] Laptop
Eddie: I’m sorry? You’re in the whole zone right now- I’m having a hard time talkin’ to ya.
John Smith: [swallows and says louder] Laptop!
Eddie: OK. Laptop.

John Smith: That left of yours is a thing of beauty.
Jane Smith: Mmm. You take it well.

John Smith: You live with your mother.
Eddie: [offended] Why would you bring her into this, she happens to be a first class lady!
Eddie: You gotta take this bitch out!
John Smith: Don’t tell me how to handle my wife.

Jane Smith: You really expect me to roll over and play dead?
John Smith: Well, you should be used to it after five years of marriage.
Jane Smith: Six… and I’m not leaving.

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