Cutting Class


Character: Dwight Ingalls
Release Date: –
Directed By: Rospo Pallenberg
Written By: Steve Slavkin
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Tagline: Some People Would Kill To Fit In
MPAA Rating: –
Produced by: April Films, April Productions, Gower Street Pictures
Distributed by: Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment, Republic Pictures Home Video
Budget: –
Filming Dates: –

Donovan Leitch…Brian Woods
Jill Schoelen…Paula Carson
Brad Pitt…Dwight Ingalls
Roddy McDowall…Mr. Dante

Filming Locations:
Excelsior High School – 15711 Pioneer Boulevard, Norwalk, California, USA

High school student Paula Carson’s affections are being sought after by two of her classmates: Dwight, the “bad boy”, and Brian, a disturbed young man who has just been released from a mental hospital where he was committed following the suspicious death of his father. Soon after being released, more murders start happening. Is Brian back to his old tricks, or is Dwight just trying to eliminate the competition?

Trivia & Facts:

From the gallery

Dwight Ingalls: You know, Your fathers a lot bigger than I am. Of course, I bigger where it REALLY counts!

Dwight Ingalls: Fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU!
Coach Harris: Fuck you too.
Dwight Ingalls: You can’t talk to students like that.
Coach Harris: Fuck you! Now suit up!

Dwight Ingalls: Ladies first.
Colleen: Why thank you.
[Colleen walks in front of Paula]
Dwight Ingalls: No, I said LADIES first.
Paula Carson: Why thank you!
Colleen: …such an ass!

Shultz: I’m the custodian of your fucking lives!
Dwight Ingalls: [to Paula] That guy is fried!

Dwight Ingalls: [Locked out of the school] Shultz! I need to get my math book! You know, a book?
Shultz: The thing with pages?
Dwight Ingalls: Yeah!
Shultz: Never saw one. School is closed!

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