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‘The Lost City’ Directors on Working with Brad Pitt and What They Learned Making Their First Bigger Budget Movie

With The Lost City opening in theaters, I recently got to speak with directors Adam and Aaron Nee about making the fun action-comedy starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe. During the interview, the brothers talked about what it was like making their first big Hollywood movie, why Tatum and Bullock are so great to work with and always willing to go the extra mile, how they didn’t think Brad Pitt was actually going to be in the movie even when they were told he had committed to the role, what it was like directing him, and more.

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[SPOILERS] The Lost City directors on the film’s surprising ending


Audiences that stay through the credits of The Lost City will be handsomely rewarded for their patience.

The caper, which follows the jungle adventures of a romance novelist (Sandra Bullock) and her cover model (Channing Tatum) after she’s kidnapped by a treasure-seeking billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe), features a wild and star-studded mid-credits scene.

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Watch ‘The Lost City’s Patti Harrison, Oscar Nunez, and Da’Vine Joy Randolph Answer Questions with a Lot of Improvisation

With directors Adam and Aaron Nee The Lost City now playing in theaters, I recently got to speak with Patti Harrison, Oscar Nunez, and Da’Vine Joy Randolph about making the fun action-comedy. During the wild and often off the rails interview they talked about what people would be surprised to learn about the making of The Lost City, their reaction to Brad Pitt being in the film, but they wouldn’t have any scenes with him, why they loved watching and working with Sandra Bullock, and diarrhea. Why this subject came up will make sense at the end of the conversation…

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Lines Had to Be Cut Because Sandra Bullock Couldn’t Stop Laughing

During a new interview with Insider, Bullock revealed that at one point, Tatum began ad-libbing lines, during a scene where he and Brad Pitt are transporting Bullock’s character to a getaway car. “There’s a scene where they have to get me to a car. [Tatum] and that other actor—I can never remember his name, he’s got blond hair,” Bullock joked about Pitt. “The directors had Channing ad-lib lines to us, and none of his lines were used because I was laughing so hard.”

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Sandra Bullock & Daniel Radcliffe Dish on Channing Tatum & Brad Pitt’s Epic Wigs

Bullock and co-star Daniel Radcliffe recently sat down with ET’s Cassie DiLaura, and they reflected on some of the movie’s most exciting scenes — including a daring rescue by Brad Pitt that featured an enormous explosion.

“We only did that shot in one take!” Bullock revealed. “We didn’t know how big the explosion was gonna be. It’s all about preparation, preparation, preparation and then a whole lot of luck.”

“Who knew Channing was going to prance like a little gazelle?” Bullock said of the massive explosion scene’s perfect physical comedy elements. “We didn’t know that Brad was going to flip the hair. I didn’t know it was going to be so loud.”

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Sandra Bullock talks Brad Pitt in ‘Lost City’

When asked what Pitt brings to his role, Bullock, a producer on the film, jokes: “Not much. Not really much. I mean, what does he bring to any film he does?”

Kidding aside, she appreciates her fellow Oscar winner’s commitment to the project.

“The thing about Brad is he was supposed to be there for three days,” she says. “He’d just finished shooting. He was dead tired. He bulked up to do a three-day role. I had to ask him for a fourth day for free. He did it.

“You just realize he’s a movie star and a great actor for a reason: Because he works really, really hard. He brought a work ethic that was pretty astounding.”

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The Lost City directors explain how they got Brad Pitt on board

The Lost City is a comedy adventure that harkens back to the glory days of fun blockbusters like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Romancing the Stone.

Centering on a sheltered author of romance novels (Sandra Bullock) who finds herself lost in the jungle with her hot Fabio-style book cover star (Channing Tatum) while outrunning baddies and trying to find treasure, The Lost City is directed by Aaron and Adam Nee. The brothers tell Total Film in the new issue of the magazine, featuring The Northman on the cover, that – while the project was an exciting prospect – they never expected to land a certain A-lister to play the supporting role of a mysterious gung-ho adventurer.

“Brad Pitt’s name came up early for this. But the role isn’t a cameo, he’s in a good chunk of the movie. We were like, ‘We’re never going to get Brad Pitt to do this,'” chuckles Adam. “And then Sandy did Bullet Train [with Pitt], she was pitching him the role and she and Brad share a hairdresser, Janine [Thompson]. Janine was saying to Brad, ‘How would you do your hair if you played this part? What would you do about this?’ It felt like she just started getting him excited about it. And it then suddenly became real – and we were sitting on a Zoom, and talking to him about the movie. Before we knew it, he was in the jungle.”

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