November 8, 2013

The production of the Warner Bros. western “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” is a unique entry in the annals of cinema history. The studio had been courting Andrew Dominik for some time, eager to work with the director of 2000’s “Chopper,” and he had a gem of a project for them to consider: a film about the outlaw Jesse James, based on a dense novel he found at a second-hand bookstore in Melbourne, Australia, with Brad Pitt in the iconic role.

Surely the studio saw dollar signs. Brad Pitt as Jesse James? It must have felt a few steps removed from a Batman movie. Batman in the wild west. But what Dominik had in mind wasn’t a Batman movie. It was a deeply ponderous, Malickian thing that would speak to themes of celebrity and a dying age. This would not be Jesse James in his prime. This would be, as the title lays bare, the end of a legend, and all the artistry such an unconventional take on that legend would suggest.

Read more. Very interesting! Second chance for the big screen (hopefully). Defenitely worth it imo.

October 22, 2009

• x41 Hand and Foot Print Ceremony – Hollywood, CA (06/05/07).
• x02 Monaco Grand Prix, Monaco (05/22/04).
• x02 The Assassination of Jesse James (portrait 02) – Toronto, Canada (09/08/07) thanks Marie Do.
• x60 West Hollywood, CA (10/19/09).

September 11, 2009

• x01 A River Runs Through It – Scans.
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• x04 Interview with the Vampire – Stills.
• x01 The Assassination of Jesse James – Stills.
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