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Jim Jefferies has a secret to tell about Brad Pitt. The movie actor has shown up several times on Comedy Central’s “The Jim Jefferies Show” as its unofficial weatherman, casually sharing the horrors of climate change. But here’s the truth: Pitt hasn’t dropped by in a year. “This is the one that went viral, even […]

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“We got sunshine in the west, the south, the east and over here in the north, the ice caps are melting.” One of late-night television’s most unusual partnerships returned Tuesday, when Brad Pitt suited up once again to play The Jim Jefferies Show’s doom-forecasting weatherman. Satirically purporting to give a weather forecast for basketball season, […]

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“Brad Pitt was one of the nicest guys, hands down,” Miller remembered. “And for years afterward, even after ‘Thelma and Louise,’ even after he had really started to blow up, although he wasn’t Brangelina at that point, I’d run into him at the store.” “We ran into each other multiple times and I didn’t want […]

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Dec 27
BP Gallery Update

• x006 November 17 – Hollywood, CA. • x015 Ad Astra On set: Los Angeles, CA (10/26/17). • x001 Ad Astra Other. • x015 July 22 – FYF Fest, Los Angeles, CA. • x002 The Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert. • x008 November 29 – MIT Media Lab – Boston, MA. • x003 December 01 […]

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Jun 07
Jim Jefferies Show
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Jun 06
BP Gallery Update

• x037 Allied – Stills & On set. • x034 DVD Features – In the Tranches: Casting. • x001 War Machine – Stills. • x003 Fury – Stills & On set/Other. • x001 Young Brad – Curriculum Vitae. • x001 Photoshoots – Set 228. • x003 By the Sea – Stills. • x001 Photoshoots – […]

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Apr 07
BP Gallery Update

• x029 Photoshoots – Set 105. • x007 Candids 2016. • x010 Vanity Fair (2016). • x002 Movies (By the Sea & The Big Short). • x067 Kung Fu Panda – Hollywood, CA (05/22/11). • x001 The Kids are Alright – Promotional Photoshoot. Thanks Vaska!

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