Brad Pitt reveals his Snatch performance was based on a Father Ted character

When JOE sat down to chat to Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie about their roles in Quentin Tarantino’s epic Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood, we had to bring up two things.

One: When we previously chatted to Margot Robbie (for Suicide Squad, watch it here), and she revealed her love for the Irish accent.

Two: We had to mention the fact that Brad Pitt previously played a character called Rory (which this writer had to bring up, obviously) and rocked an Irish accent in The Devil’s Own.

Given the fact that Irish accents are well known for being the most difficult to get right for performers, we asked Pitt if he found it tough to nail?

“That was probably more extreme,” Pitt told us, “but there is a real music to Northern Ireland that I click into, that I kind of adored.”

Robbie agreed, saying:

“I think for me the most difficult ones, because I haven’t done either of them yet, would be Irish and South African, but I love both of them, I love accents, I love all of them.

“But those two sound very difficult to me. But [Brad] nailed that.”

Pitt then followed on, telling us, “And I’m told my ‘Pikey’ – do we still use that word? – accent was pretty good. Which is amazing, because I was going off a performance of a guest star on a Father Ted episode.”

Both JOE and Robbie were shocked by this revelation, at once asking, “Really?”

Pitt doubled down:

“Yes. And then a friend of mine, who said ‘I never can understand what they’re saying’. So somehow I ended up in the right spot on a Hail Mary.”

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