November 2, 2014
by admin / BP Gallery Fury Promo

• x064 October 14 – Fury (Press Conference) – New York City, NY.
• x097 October 14 – Fury (Premiere) – New York City, NY.
• x095 October 15 – Fury (Premiere) – Washington, WA.
• x079 October 16 – Fury (Premiere) – Columbus, GA.

Thank you so much Vaska.

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September 3, 2014

• x011 August 28 – Fury (Photocall) – Bovington, England.
• x009 July 16 – Airport – Nice, France.
• x001 August 02 – Photoshoot – Malibu, CA.
• x014 August 08 – Sherman Oaks, CA.
• x006 August 22 – Airport – Nice, France.
• x013 August 30 – New York City, NY.
• x002 Twelve Years a Slave – Stills.
• x001 Fury – Stills.
• x007 Photoshoots.

Thank you Vaska.

May 30, 2013
by admin / Promo World War Z

May 20, 2011

• x002 May 17 – Tree of Life (pressjunket) – Cannes, France. Thanks Nenu.

May 16, 2011

• x037 May 16 – Tree of Life (pressconf) – Cannes, France.
I guess I wasn’t the first with pictures but that’s okay with me, I do my best to provide :)

April 28, 2011
by admin / Promo tree of life

While some in The Playlist team are flagging under the onslaught of marketing for “The Tree Of Life,” this is a film we’ve been following literally for years and while we just want the next couple of weeks to pass by quickly so we can finally see the film, we’ll continue to take what we can get from it for now.

A new international poster for the film has landed and half of it is taken up with an image from the film we haven’t seen yet of Brad Pitt playing with his two sons in what must be happier times after the dinosaurs and before the Sean Penn adult moroseness sets in. But that’s not all out there for those looking forward to Terrence Malick‘s film. The soundtrack to the film by Alexandre Desplat has begun streaming over at Amazon. But listening to the music before seeing the movie is a bit odd, at least in this instance, so we’ll wait a bit before weighing in.

“The Tree Of Life” hits Cannes next month and opens on May 27th. Full poster below.

Read more/discuss. Thanks Anu.

• x01 Tree of Life > Promo .