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Mar 04
BP Gallery Update

• x003 March 01 – Gersh Oscar Party – Los Angeles, CA. • x008 March 02 – Sean Penn’s Book Presentation – Pacific Palisades, CA. • x003 May 16, 2017 – War Machine – New York City, NY. • x004 May 17, 2017 – War Machine (Press Conference) – New York City, NY. • x001 […]

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Jean Black, a makeup artist who never gives interviews, talks about working with Brad Pitt and his famous face for almost 30 years, and what it is that makes him so special. You’ve probably never heard of Jean Black but she’s been behind the scenes with Brad Pitt for over 27 years, a quiet cog […]

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Summer is coming and, in America, that means it’s time to hit the national parks. So we took Brad Pitt and photographer Ryan McGinley tumbling across three of them: The Everglades, White Sands, and Carlsbad Caverns. Then we sat down with Pitt at home in L.A. for a raw conversation about how to move forward […]

Sep 08
NY Times

1. Brad Pitt is a plant murderer. The worst kind, too. The kind who lets a plant starve to death. The evidence, at two opposing corners of his office in Beverly Hills; skeletal remnants that long gave up hope of ever being watered. He’s been away for 10 months, he says. An explanation, if not […]

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Dec 04
Hollywood Reporter

“People suffered as they did and yet no one was held accountable and nothing seemed to change,” says ‘The Big Short’ producer-actor. A version of this story first appeared in the Dec. 11 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. On the afternoon of Nov. 23, The Big Short is premiering in New York, just a […]

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Dec 01
The Telegraph

From Fight Club to family man, Brad Pitt tells Mick Brown how being a father of six has changed him as a man and as an actor There was a time when Brad Pitt, like most people, would enter a hotel through the front door, but that hasn’t happened for the best part of 20 […]

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Adam McKay’s new financial-apocalypse comedy The Big Short — the subject of this week’s Vulture cover story — was produced by Brad Pitt, who also took a small role in the film to help ensure the production got properly funded. Here, Pitt talks about his sideline as a genuine prestige-movie mogul (with his company Plan […]

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The origin story of the collection of angular, brightly painted homes called Make It Right has become a piece of New Orleans lore. The Lower 9th Ward neighborhood near the Claiborne Avenue bridge was more or less wiped out by floodwater surging through a gap in the levee wall in 2005. Then, as if by […]

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