The Early Show – 2003

Host: A movie star who has become an icon of cool for a young generation, Brad Pitt is finally doing something just for the kids.

Showing clip of Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.

Starting the interview, the pressjunket for Sinbad, located in London, United Kingdom.

Brad: You get the phone call and they say “We need you, we need you now, get in here now!” You sort up the schedule and you get in there and you, and you…uh they show you a couple scenes to give you the flavor of where they are in the animation process and then you uh rip on the scenes for about 46 hours.

Showing clip of Brad in the studio, recording his voice for/as Sinbad.

Host: And then do you…do you go back? I mean these things take so many years to actually do.

Brad: Right.

Host: Do you move back and forth a lot?

Brad: Yes. Certainly me but nothing to the extent of how these guys were involved. I mean everyone else was on it for four years. So that’s a pretty extensive _ to pull these things off.

Still showing a clip of Brad recording for Sinbad’s voice in the studio.

Host: Now you’ve seen the finished movie..

Brad: Yea!

Host: …do you actually see your own physicality and your own facial expressions in your character? Cause when I saw it, I saw Brad Pitt in there.

Brad: Really? Not a bit. I didn’t see a thing. Really? I mean, I didn’t catch anything.

Host: This is really your first kids film. Did you ever think “Oh wow..”

Brad: I’ll tell you something. I liked it! This is my kinda film really (Brad showing a huge smile on his face) I mean, I really did, I enjoyed it. Um, yea sure, I mean there’s a bonus in that and I’ve got nieces and nephews I’m pretty mad for like most of us and, you know, wanted to do something that they would enjoy.

Host: So continuing in the Greek mode; now you’re doing Troy.

Brad: Now I’m doing Troy.

Host: And how is that.

Brad: Well uh, they like a skirt.

Host laughing.

Brad: They sure do.

Showing photos of Brad on the set of Troy, wearing the Greek Achilles ‘skirt’ outfit.

Host: Now this is another kinda different thing for you. I mean it’s your first big, historical sweeping epic.

Brad: Yea. Yea. Yea I’m excited about it. By it.

Host: Do you work a lot with swords and fighting?

Brad: Oh yea, much sword work for about six months now.

Host: Would you like.. I know you like the training and the fighting cause I remember in Snatch you really learned…you really knew how to box. I don’t know if you knew it…

Showing clip of Snatch.

Brad: Well…I’ll probably still get my ass kicked but I learned you know, a few skills. A really cool aspect of our job is that we get to seek ourselves in things you normally wouldn’t uh, get to learn I guess.

Host: A couple years ago, you felt some frustration that being a star, like any star get sometimes, you are sent out the out way, a small movie that you want to do. Do you still feel that way?

Brad: Um…I think that…our baggage can get in the way of a small movie, keeping it free. But on the other hand we get to do things like Troy so I guess there is a healthy balance. Can’t have it all, can you?

Host: You’ve been on Jackass, you’re a big fan of that.

Brad: Yea (smiling and having a boyish laugh) I like that.

Host: You’re a big fan the Girls Gone Wild video’s.

Brad: “Girls. Gone Wild!” Well, you know I’ve come to advertising I guess. Um.. my wife actually broke down and got me something for my birthday.

Host: That is a good wife.

Brad: She…she’s a team player.

Showing clips of Brad and Jennifer at the 2001 Emmy’s and other shows and premieres.

Host: The attention on your marriage, you and Jen. The time that you find it irritating versus the time that you find it humerous. What is that?

Brad: It’s the ratio?

Host: Yea. What is your ratio?

Brad: “What is your ratio?” (smiling) A it’s fairly even split really. No it’s really…again; I’ve no complaints. You know? We know the game, what we gotta do to free some time for ourselves and she came out and we got to have a great husband and wife weekend in Malta, so, you know it’s not (keeps shaking his head) impossible…

Host: You still manage to have a marriage.

Brad: Yea!

Back in the ‘Early Show studio’.

Host: It sounds like he does have it all and you have to be really…