MTV’s Total Request Live – May 03, 2004

Girl [TRL Host]: Alright well they’re ready to see him outside waiting in the rain from across the street, we’re ready to see him. I got all dolled up today and I know Damien is ready to see him. So without further ado you guys, bring him up! Brad Pitt!
*Brad walks in*

Girl [TRL Host]: Hey what’s up? How you doing? Wave hello, this is TRL.

*Brad walks over to the window to wave at the people outside in rain trying to catch a glimpse of him*

Girl [TRL Host]: They’re even across the street. It’s crazy in here.

*All the people inside and outside, are screaming*

*Brad dances a little to the music*

Girl [TRL Host]: Wow. Wow.

Damien [TRL Host]: Okay now it’s on. Now we can talk…

Girl [TRL Host]: Now we can talk. That’ll wake you up on a Monday night.

Damien [TRL Host]: ladies, ladies, please. We gotta ask him a few questions. First of all…

Brad Pitt: We made it!

Girl [TRL Host]: We made it!

*Girls are still screaming*

Damien [TRL Host]: First of all: it’s great to have you on the TRL stage. It took 5 years to get you here. 5 years!

BP: I thought 2?

Girl [TRL Host]: 5 years, I was still in high school.

Damien [TRL Host]: It felt like 5. And we’ve had this question since the beginning, the burning question that everyone wants to know: what happens on the season finale of Friends?

BP: I don’t know. I don’t know.

Girl [TRL Host]: Well that’s okay cause we still have still so much more with Brad, you guys, you’re gonna spend the whole hour with us.

BP: That’s right.

Girl [TRL Host]: We’re gonna get into all kinds of stuff, it’s gonna be awesome. But right now we’re gonna kick off the countdown with our number 10 video; it’s Miss Beyonce with ‘Naughty Girl’.

BP: Riiight!

*Short break*

Girl outside [TRL Host]: We got some dedicated Brad Pitt fans out here, in the rain or snow it doesn’t matter, I’m hanging out with Riana and Carlene. Where are you guys from?

Girl: Staten Island.

Girl outside [TRL Host]: From Staten Island. Now tell me, why are you guys such big Brad Pitt fans?

Girl: He’s gorgeous. He’s the most, like, unbelievable actor. Everything he does is, he picks the greatest roles.

Girl outside [TRL Host]: And I heard you threw like a birthday party for Brad Pitt but he wasn’t there.

Girl: We, I had brought brownies and everybody that wanted a brownie, had to sing out loud a whole song. My teachers, cause they, everybody knows what a fan I am. So everybody sang and everybody had a brownie.

Girl outside [TRL Host]: That’s off the hook. So how would you guys both like to come upstairs and meet him?

Girl: I… no…

Girl outside [TRL Host]: Alright, we’re going upstairs cause I wanna get out the rain, we’re going upstairs, I’m taking you guys upstairs to meet Brad Pitt. Yes I’m very serious. And right now, back to the countdown, reappearing is Avril Lavigne…

*Back to the studio*

Girl [TRL Host]: We’re still hanging out here with Brad Pitt and you actually, I think this is a record, you got 5 standing ovations and we already, we’re about 7 minutes into the show… You made 8 girls cry. Alright alright. We’re gonna talk to you, we’re gonna talk about Troy in a little bit because that’s your new movie that is out right now. But we also are gonna talk about your other projects. You actually started filming a week ago ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ with George Clooney, Matt Damon. And we heard that like, the first set was just one big frat party, you guys are just a whole bunch of boys and we’re chilling and kicking it…

BP: Yea sounds close it. And we’re happy to say, picked right up where we left off.

Girl [TRL Host]: Really?

BP: Yea, it’s gonna be a good one. It’s really fun.

Girl [TRL Host]: So take me through a day on the set. With all you guys chilling, what do you do, what’s a day on the set, or a night out after shooting.

BP: Well we can’t go into the nights out but the days… the days are fun. Just everyone kicking it having a big laugh and every now and then we shoot something.

Girl [TRL Host]: Hey do you think it’s easier to with your friends then or does it make it more challenging?

BP: Well it makes it a bigger distraction I think.

Girl [TRL Host]: Ah of course.

BP: But it’s good.

Girl [TRL Host]: Alright so… I know you’ve a huge fan base but I don’t know if you know, that one of your fans includes Britney Spears and she was here and she actually talked about you. You wanna… I wanna show you this clip, check it out.

BP: Let’s see it.

*Clip of old TRL with Britney Spears*

Britney Spears: I’m a complete gooberoo for him. I think he’s just… I’ve a confession to make, I was in my car and I have a navigational system and I’ve star maps and I shouldn’t be admitting this… but I wanted to go see his house, I wanted to see what it was like one day in LA and I mean I just…

*Back to studio*

Girl [TRL Host]: Alright well there you have it. Brad Britney Spears, does that freak you a bit?

BP: No I’m all for it.

Girl [TRL Host]: Alright so she makes you gooberoo, is there anyone out there that makes you gooberoo?

BP: I’ll go back to Britney. I think Jen would give me a day pass… I think.

Girl [TRL Host]: That’s sweet, that’s sweet. Do you catch people driving by your house? I mean that’s gotta be like…

BP: Daily. We’re on the star tours.

Girl [TRL Host]: I would never do that. So what’s your address again?

BP: Yea…

Girl [TRL Host]: Alright you guys, I’m sure that people in the audience have questions that they wanna ask you. So we’ll let them voice their opinion in just a minute. We’re gonna take our first break you guys. It’s gonna be awesome. When we get back we’re gonna talk about the new movie Troy and we’ll also find out how you hold up with your toughest; The TRL Wringer. Coming up when we get back, Brad’s not going anywhere. I’m not going anywhere. So don’t go anywhere. Don’t go anywhere guys.

BP: Stay here.


Damien [TRL Host]: We gotta talk about Troy I got to check it out last week, it’s such an epic huge movie. I heard it cost 200 million dollars to even make this thing. So it’s one of the most expensive movies.

BP: That’s about right. It’s one of those big Hollywood style epics like Ben Hur and Spartacus and it’s bad-ass! It’s big!

Damien [TRL Host]: Now you play…

BP: It’s huge!

Damien [TRL Host]: Now you play, you play Achilles in the movie, obviously one of the greatest warriors in history. Did you have to go through a lot of physical training to do this? To bulk up and stuff.

BP: Yea a lot of physical training, 6-7 months before we started, a year in total I guess.

Damien [TRL Host]: What’s that like, what times does one start, 8am I guess?

BP: It hurts! It hurts. It doesn’t matter when it started. It hurts.

Damien [TRL Host]: Really?

BP: Yea, it hurts!

Damien [TRL Host]: I heard you actually quit smoking for this too?

BP: Yea I had to, I had to run up a lot of hills. Cause ‘Smoking is no good!’

Damien [TRL Host]: Did you quit before? Or like half-way through the training and you were just like ‘I can’t do this anymore’.

BP: No, no, no. I had to, week one was quite clear those two weren’t gonna go hand-in-hand.

Damien [TRL Host]: Let’s talk about the four scenes in Troy where you, well usually we’ve beautiful actresses on here who have some nude scenes in movies. Happened to be a male with four nude scenes in Troy. It’s what the ladies wanted… Is it weird being on set like, you got all these cameras running, you got some teamsters ‘Hey man, look Brad Pitt’s butt cheeks man!’

BP: You’ve been there haven’t you?

Damien [TRL Host]: I’ve been there.

BP: You’ve been there.

Damien [TRL Host]: I was actually on set in a corner with a little camera…

BP: No, if you don’t mind 30 to 40 sweaty men standing around working their cameras it’s not bad.

Damien [TRL Host]: So you just walk out on set, you’re just like in a towel and go ‘Alright, here we go!’ and then… *Pretends to throw off a towel from his waistline*

BP: You got it. Just like that.

Damien [TRL Host]: Wow. Okay. Beautiful. I wanna put this guy through the Wringer in a little bit. First we go to the next request we showed our first video on Wednesday. Today, voted onto the countdown for the first time number 8, we got a debut. Thanks. We’re on fire with brad Pitt.


Damien [TRL Host]: Brad Pitt is here. Brad is a movie star kids. He plays in movies. Now Brad… the movie Troy takes place during the Trojan War, lot of epic battles scenes. They’re nothing compared to what we’re about to put you through; a bunch of random questions, you just kinda answer whatever pops off the top of your head. Are you ready?

BP: …I’m ready.

Damien [TRL Host]: But are you ready for… The Wringer!

Damien [TRL Host]: Alright, here we go. Quite please. Alright, what was your nickname growing up?

BP: Beep.

Damien [TRL Host]: Why?

BP: B.P. Short. Beep. Bip bup bop beep.

Damien [TRL Host]: You worked for El Pollo Loco Restaurant, what exactly did you do there?

BP: I was a chicken.

Damien [TRL Host]: You were a chicken.

BP: Chicken.

Damien [TRL Host]: So you were in costume and you stood outside and…

BP: That’s right. ‘Come on in and try something…’

Damien [TRL Host]: Well, life’s gotten a lot better for ya, hasn’t it? …What is the best way to battle an annoying photographer?

BP: Oooh… Oooh…

Damien [TRL Host]: What would you wanna do?

BP: Oooh…

Damien [TRL Host]: In limits though, what’s within legal limits?

*Brad pushing his microphone against his neck*

Damien [TRL Host]: Here you go. That’s it. Alright very nice. That works. Can you… this is a good one… can you name the Shania Twain song that mentions your name?

BP: No I cannot!

Damien [TRL Host]: You can’t?

BP: No!

Damien [TRL Host]: Okay we need some help, let’s role down the video…

*Clip of music video*

Damien [TRL Host]: ‘That don’t impress me much’.

BP: Okay.

Damien [TRL Host]: That was like 4-5 years ago…

BP: No, I missed that one *Laughs*

Damien [TRL Host]: You’ve been in a ton of movies, 3 of them actually have the number 7 in their title…

BP: Is that true?

Damien [TRL Host]: …which ones are they? Go ahead if you can name them.

BP: There would be ‘Se7en’.

Damien [TRL Host]: Right.

BP: There would be ‘Seven Years in Tibet’.

Damien [TRL Host]: Right.

BP: And there would be… s… st… s… seven monkeys?

*Audience is laughing*

BP: Seven… ocean’s seven?

Damien [TRL Host]: Close, close! Seven, not Ocean’s but seven legend of the Seven…

BP: Legends of the Fall?

Damien [TRL Host]: Sinbad! Legends of the Seven Seas!

BP: Oh!

Damien [TRL Host]: Now come on man! It’s alright. Ladies, are we gonna forgive him? Are ya gonna forgive him ladies? Okay. How old were you when you first kissed a girl?

BP: I was… what is 4th grade?

Girls in audience: Oh my Goood!

BP: What is 4th grade, 3rd grade? We’re on Jeopardy now.

Damien [TRL Host]: Was it a good kiss? Was it alright?

BP: I dunno, I ran.

Damien [TRL Host]: That’s good. Please address these rumors with a true or false: Do you sometimes, cook in the nude?

BP: That is… tr… false.

Damien [TRL Host]: Okay.

*Disappointing sounds from the audience*

BP: Only because I don’t cook.

Damien [TRL Host]: Right. I can imagine bacon, it would hurt. You and Jennifer are thinking of having a child together?

BP: Correct.

Damien [TRL Host]: To make us all feel super ugly, that’s why they’re doing that. On the set of your upcoming film ‘Mr and Mrs. Smith’, when you used a gun, you made your own sound effects for it.

BP: False. That was Kalifornia.

Damien [TRL Host]: If you were to, what would it sound like?

BP: Bang!

Damien [TRL Host]: There you go! Just like a book. I’m a huge fan of your movie Seven.

BP: Goosh! Goosh! Goosh! … That’s what it sounds like *smiles*

Damien [TRL Host]: In se7en, one of the coolest scenes is when you’re out on the field and you got the box… will you please bring the box in here? This is the box. This is Steve, thank you Steve. We put the box down there.

BP: ‘What’s in the booox?’

Damien [TRL Host]: Could we role the crazy music if we could Jeff?

*Music from the OST is being played*

Damien [TRL Host]: Alright thank you. If you could just give us the line at the end of the movie there. I’ll step outta the way. Let’s go re-enact the scene.

BP: Okay.

Damien [TRL Host]: get into character. We wanna see some emotions here!

*Audience is clapping and cheering*

BP: Are you ready?

Damien [TRL Host]: Go for it!

BP: What’s in the booox?!

*Big applause while Brad raises his arms*

Damien [TRL Host]: Let’s see what’s in the box… Well, check it out; you got the complete 5th season of Friends! How about that? There you go. Thank you very much. Brad, you survived the Wringer! Thank you very much, we appreciate it. Big round of applause. Standing ovation! We’re gonna take a break. The man formerly known as The Hulk; Eric Bana is also in the house, we’ll get him out here. He co-stars with Brad in the movie. We got lots more with Brad Pitt. Do not touch that dial. Be right back!


Girl [TRL Host]: Welcome back to TRL, years in the making we finally have this man; Brad Pitt is in the building. Brad, I got a question for you, have you ever heard a studio this loud before?

BP: No I have not.

Girl [TRL Host]: No way. Well, they’re gonna have to really make some noise now. You may know him as the incredible Hulk, he’s about to bust out. Y’all give it up for Eric Bana!

*Eric Bana enters the studio*

Girl [TRL Host]: Hello!

*Eric gives the girl a kiss and hugs Brad*

Girl [TRL Host]: Eric what’s going on?

Eric Bana: Just having a good time, this is fantastic!

Girl [TRL Host]: Definitely! The people are feeling you now. Everyone knows you were the star of the Hulk, which had a lotta special effects in it and so did Troy so, dealing with the special effects of the Hulk, did that make it easier to get on the set of Troy?

EB: Ya know, the good thing about Troy was that, you know like, you got to just do it. You got to do everything. Brad and I were told right from the start you know, no stunt doubles, you get to do everything yourself so we spilled the crap outta each other for about 6 months.

Girl [TRL Host]: Really?

EB: Yes. Yes.

Girl [TRL Host]: This question is for both of you guys; Troy’s the biggest story in history, were you nervous at all about tackling it all? Cause you definitely have to get yourself back to that period.

BP: You know it’s one of the greatest stories, it really is. It’s the reason why they make you read in school guys. It’s really good! It’s worth reading. And it’s worth seeing too. You know I’ve this theory you don’t have to go and steal money from your folks and like buy tickets for Shrek and sneak in…? Just tell your folks it’s classic literature. You’re studying Greek culture. Greek history in school. And you’re in!

Girl [TRL Host]: You are in! Alright, we’re gonna have more with Eric in a little bit but right now we’ve this very special moment, I’m sure you’ve heard that Usher’s ‘Yeah!’ is retiring today, it’s the 100th video to retire here on TRL, it had an incredible run on the countdown. So let’s give a congratulations for Usher’s…


Girl [TRL Host]: We got Brad Pitt and Eric Bana, they’re here! Talking about Troy. Now let’s talk about your other co-star Orlando Bloom, now Eric I know Orlando is your brother in the movie so did you treat him like a little brother on the set as well?

EB: Yea I treated him like dirt a little bit. Not too badly though girls. I wouldn’t do that to Orlando you know, he’s a really nice guy you know? Lovely guy, lovely guy. I love him like a brother, he’s the best dude, he’s a really cool guy and it was just fantastic playing his older brother.

Girl [TRL Host]: Definitely. Now you guys shot Troy in different countries all around the world. SO what did you do on your free time, like when you’re in a foreign country, what do you do to have fun?

BP: We were asking the same question. Not a whole lot going on. We did close down a few places.

EB: Sometimes you get lead astray by people like this guy here… and that’s not healthy. It’s not healthy.

BP: Actually, I think that was Peter O’Toole.

EB: It was Peter O’Toole, you’re right.

Girl [TRL Host]: Alright, well here’s the deal, we’re gonna go more in depth about Troy in just a few. But right now it’s time to jump into the top half of the countdown, number 5…


Damien [TRL Host]: and welcome back to TRL, it is raining here in NYC, on Times Square. It’s Damien and it’s Brad Pitt and Eric Bana day or as I like to call it; wifes leave your wedding rings at home day. A lot of ladies not wearing wedding ring thinking they may have a shot with you guys, that’s all I’m saying.

EB: That’s terrible, that’s an awful behavior.

Damien [TRL Host]: Homer wrote the Iliad which is actually the… what this whole thing is based on.

BP: Correct.

Damien [TRL Host]: … Troy. Let’s explain this whole Troy story to everyone here, except the people that know.

BP: I’ll start it off for you. We have Troy, the nation of Troy, we have the Greek nations and they’re meeting for peace. But in the process Paris comes in and he meets Helen. Paris is from Troy, Helen is Greek.

Damien [TRL Host]: Right.

BP: And he steals her. He steals her in the middle of the night. And off we go and more… how’s that?

Damien [TRL Host]: That’s pretty good.

BP: That’s where we start, that’s the opening.

Damien [TRL Host]: Right. And then, one of the biggest fight scenes in the movie is when you two go at it. And I heard it took like 30 people 3 months to just choreograph this scene between you guys, which is pretty intense.

EB: Yea they tried to kill us basically. When I first got to London, they had 2 stuntman who could do the fight for us and we could learn it off them and they performed the fight in front of us and I just started laughing.

Damien [TRL Host]: You were like there’s no way I can possibly do this?

EB: Yea l said ‘now show us the fight Brad and I are gonna do’. And they’d go ‘that’s the fight.’ And so there ya go, 9 months later we were there just hacking into each other.

Damien [TRL Host]: You guys did a really great job, did you get hurt at all?

EB: Well…

Damien [TRL Host]: Any personal injuries?

EB: I confess…

Damien [TRL Host]: What happened?

BP: Okay, I hit Eric a few times.

EB: I got a little Pitt scar right here *Points at the side of his nose*

Damien [TRL Host]: Is that right?

EB: Yea that’s from the fight.

BP: He’s alright, he’s alright.

EB: Yea you thought he was a good guy yea come on!

BP Well… *Pretends to hit Eric with his elbow* We had these deal where whoever clocked the other one had to pay money and it ended up costing me a lot that’s all I’m gonna say.

Damien [TRL Host]: Did you owe him any money?

EB: He owed me and he owed himself too

BP: Yea…

Damien [TRL Host]: Oh really? You hit yourself with the sword?

EB: Yea…

*Brad swings his microphone around and hits himself against the forehead with it*

Damien [TRL Host]: Alright we’ll never trust him with swords again for another movie. Now Brad, you play Achilles in the movie, the old story the ‘Achilles’ Heel’ that’s like his weak point, you actually injured ironically your Achilles heel.

BP: Yes in a twist of bad irony I did injure my Achilles heel.

Damien [TRL Host]: How did this go about?

EB: Awww…

BP: It was very sad.

Damien [TRL Host]: Was it in the battle scene with you two or what?

BP: it was very sad.

Audience: Awww…

Damien [TRL Host]: Who’s gonna read the book after this?

*Audience cheers*

Damien [TRL Host]: Nice to know they can all lie on…

BP: On cue.

Damien [TRL Host]: That’s really nice. Exactly. Some fans actually we’re gonna give the chance to ask some questions in just a second, I know you want to. And we’ll get to the number 4 video in the meantime this is Outkast with Roses.

BP: Yea!


Damien [TRL Host]: On the spot today joined by Eric Bana and of course Mr. Brad Pitt. Vanessa’s hanging out in the bleaches with a lot of fans, a lot of excited fans and a couple fans in particular who have questions for you guys right here so let’s head over to Vanessa. What’s up?

Vanessa [TRL Host]: Thanks so much. I’m here with Mayra, how you doing?

Mayra: Good how are you?

Vanessa [TRL Host]: Good thanks, where you from?

Mayra: I’m from Connecticut.

Vanessa [TRL Host]: What’s your favorite Brad Pitt movie?

Mayra: Snatch.

Vanessa [TRL Host]: Ooh, good one, good one. Alright girly, you are ten feet from the man, you can ask him anything you want. What is your question?

Mayra: I wanna know… I’ve two things, I wanna know what kinda music you’re listening to and I wanna know if I can have a hug.

Audience: Awww.

BP: *Nods his head and smiles* Let’s start with the hug.

*Brad walks over to the girl and gives her a hug*

BP: I’m listening to Audioslave, I like Foo Fighters, Iike Wilco Joss drum and the mascaleros and… Interpol! I like Interpol a lot!

Damien [TRL Host]: Nice!

Vanessa [TRL Host]: Wow.

Damien [TRL Host]: It’s turning into the Oprah Show all of a sudden, with all these hugs. We got Lau with another fan.

Girl [TRL Host]: Yes I’m hanging out with Sarah from North Carolina. What’s your question? You’ve a question for the both of them actually.

Sarah: Yes I do. Have either of you two snug into your movies to watch the audience’s reaction? And wait, can I get a hug from the both of you?

Girl [TRL Host]: *Laughs* It’s only fair, you might as well.

Damien [TRL Host]: Come over here. We do the hug thing first.

*She gets a hug from Brad and then from Eric and Damien requests a hug from the girl, so she comes back to hug him too*

Damien [TRL Host]: $9.95 an hour kids, that’s why I’m here!

BP: *Answering to the question* I have not. You?

EB: It’s dangerous, it’s dangerous. Well you kinda go like to a premiere, but it’s kinda dangerous for your self-esteem cause what happens if in a really cool part and someone gets up and walks out? They don’t do it in the premiere they’re really polite. So just go to the premiere, then you just don’t touch it afterwards.

Damien [TRL Host]: Right. Brad?

BP: Good answer. Good answer.

Damien [TRL Host]: Good answer. Okay nice! Guys thank you for answering the questions. We take one more break more to come with Brad Pitt and Mister Eric Bana. Including Brad’s show from ‘I want a famous face’. Plus Britney and D12 have been alternating from the top spot. Find out which one…


Damien [TRL Host]: Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, loud! Loud! What a loud show, big show. It was a lot of fun. In TV recently we had a little special called ‘I want a famous face’ with documented people that got plastic surgery who looked like their favorite celebrity. The first episode featured twin brothers who wanted to look like mister Brad Pitt over here. It got to be a bit terrifying to know that there are people out there that would like to look like you I guess.

BP: Oh I wanna look like Eric Bana…

Damien [TRL Host]: You wanna look like Eric Bana? We’ll work on that. Did you see the show?

BP: No I did not.

Damien [TRL Host]: You didn’t? You didn’t see any of the guys? They’re basically these twin guys, do we’ve a photo of these guys or anything? They ended up, oh there they are *Split screen of Brad and the twins* I think they kinda are more like the Olsen Twins at this point. What do ya think?

BP: It’s Hanson.

Damien [TRL Host]: It’s Hanson, there you go, that’s it.

BP: No I wish them the best. I… don’t know what that is.

Damien [TRL Host]: Of course, of course. Alright, Eric, you wanna shout some bands? I know you wanted to give out to some of your favorite bands out there. What do ya got?

EB: Oh yea absolutely Robbie Williams and Powderfinger from Australia! They’re hot. Powderfinger!

Damien [TRL Host]: Okay go try them out! Guys thank you very much for your time Eric thank you very much. Brad, finally, thank you, it’s great to have you here.

BP: Thank you!