Teen machine – 1988


Deep in the heart of Texas, Dallas is sizzling once again, thanks to the new love interest provided
by Shalane McCall (Charlie) and Brad Pitt (Randy). This actress and actor are showing America a
whole new chemistry lesson. Join Teen Machine and find out what makes them flick!

Meet Brad Pitt, 22, a native Missourian, who is currently heating up the small screen with Shalane
McCall on Dallas.

Teen Machine: How exactly did you land this role as Randy on Dallas?

Brad Pitt: I auditioned for a role as a new character on the television show Our House. Then they
sent me to the next door studio to read for the producers of Dallas. It felt good, then they called
that afternoon and they told me I got it!

TM: What had your previous acting experience been?

BP: After I had signed up in an acting school in LA, I got a reoccuring role on the soap Another
World. Then I did commercials for bicycles, a telephone company and Mountain Dew. Since I’ve been on
Dallas I also did an episode on Growing Pains.

TM: Your character on the show is about 17 years old. How old are you, really?

BP: I’m 22. I was born on December 18th.

TM: What was the weirdest job you’ve had since you tried to break into show business?

BP: I dressed as a chicken for a fast food place in Los Angeles after I moved here from Missouri.
I’d stand on the corner of Sunset Boulevard in 100 degree weather and flap my wings at grand
openings. That was so embarrassing!

TM: Do you have any brothers or sisters, and are you close?

BP: Yes, a younger brother and sister, Doug and Julie. We call each other all the time.

TM: How would you describe yourself?

BP: I don’t know. Since I moved to LA, I have really been a loner, investing all my money and time
in ‘making it,’ I really don’t go out that much. I read, write, listen to tunes a lot.

TM: What do you look for in a girl?

BP: The dreaded question! I don’t know. One minute I think I know what I want and then I find
someone totally different. I like someone with the sense of humor.

TM: What do you like to do when you’re out on a date?

BP: I like to go out to neat restaurants or fun diners and stuff. I also like to go to the flicks
and see double features!

TM: What kind of advice would you give to your fans?

BP: I used to think it was important what people thought about me. Now I say just be yourself, you
can be so much happier.