Teen Beat – 1988


Handsome hunkster Brad Pitt thinks life can be an adventure, and he’s absolutely right! This
blond-haired babe springs from Springfield, Missouri and, in just a year-and-a-half, he’s managed to
land roles on the hit TV shows Another World, Dallas, an Growing Pains. TEEN BEAT knew you’d want to
know more about this gorgeous up-and-comer, and that’s why we grabbed this exclusive interview with

Teen Beat: How does living in Los Angeles compare to Springfield, Missouri?

Brad Pitt: LA and Missouri are like the North and South poles–they’re a world apart! But each one
is good in a different way. back home I was close to lakes and hills, and I miss that, but LA has
been a real adventure so far!

TB: Do you call home often?

BP: Are you kidding? I have to call home at least three times a week or mom gets mad! I get to go
home for holidays, although I didn’t make it for Thanksgiving.

TB: Did you set out for California to ‘be discovered’ as an actor?

BP: Sort of, but I didn’t tell my parents that. There’s a great art school out here. So I told them
I was coming out for that. I wanted to do both, but I never quite made it to school!

TB: Are they happy now that you’ve made it?

BP: Oh sure! They get such a kick out of it when I do things. In fact, all of Springfield gets a
kick out of it!

TB: What’s you set-up like in LA?

BP: I share a place in West Hollywood, and I’ve got a Nissan 200 SX. It was a nice car when I left
Missouri in it, but I keep collecting dents in LA. Now it looks like a raisin!

TB: When you first started, how did you feel about auditions?

BP: I used to be real intimidated by my competition at auditions, but I’ve learned you can’t be that
way. You just have to concentrate on what you know you can do. Now I keep my head down and don’t
talk to anyone. I know it seems rude, but it helps me concentrate on my character.

TB: Did you know anything about your Dallas character Randy when you auditioned for the part?

BP: Actually, I went in to audition for a part on Our House, but the casting director said she might
have something else for me. In the end, I got to play Randy and the Our House character was

TB: What do you think of Randy?

BP: He’s just a typical high schooler. He’s a nice guy, and he really wants to make a good

TB: What’s it like playing Shalane McCall’s boyfriend?

BP: She’s an absolute doll! Shalane helped me a lot because Dallas is one of the first things I’ve
done that I’m really proud of. We’re good friends off the set too. In fact, we went to a U2 concert

TB: You also made an appearance on Growing Pains as the guy who almost stole Tracey Gold’s heart
away from Kevin Wixted. What was that like?

BP: It was great because the whole show revolved around my character. He was very nice at the
beginning of the show and wound up being a jerk in the end, and it was a good acting challenge to
show both sides. Tracey and Kirk were great to work with. They were just incredibly nice!

TB: What sort of things do you like to do when you’re not working?

BP: Lately, a buddy of mine and I have been going mountain bike riding. We go way up above the
Burbank Hills, even above the LA smog! Above and away from everything! I also like going out to a
quiet restaurant with a bunch of friends or dancing.

TB: Are you seeing anyone right now?

BP: No, I’m not. I was going out with a girl in Missouri, but my moving to California kind of put a
slight damper on that!

TB: What sort of girl do you like to date?

BP: That’s really tough to answer. When I get that spark, it just happens. I can’t really label it.
Everytime I think there’s a ‘type’ I go for, I fall for someone totally different!

TB: What’s next for Brad Pitt, besides playing Randy?

BP: Well I did a guest spot on the new CBS sitcom, Trial and Error, that should be airing around now.
I’d like to do a play at some point, and maybe a movie!

TB: Once TEEN BEAT’s readers see this interview, you’re sure to get more mail than ever. How do you
feel about fan mail?

BP: It’s great. My sister can’t believe I actually have fans. ‘You?’ she teases me. ‘You’re such a