January 13, 2018
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Interview With the Vampire doesn’t open until November, but the buzz on Brad Pitt’s performance as the dark, brooding Louis is already leading studio execs to woo the 30-year-old with offers. And like any actor who has just made the A list, Pitt is being more choosy than Jif buyers. He has already passed on these high-profile films:

*Model Daughter. A comedy about a divorced couple fighting for their child’s affections.

*Ben Stiller’s Rolling Stones film. Pitt’s lack of interest helped nix this Universal project.

*City Hall. A drama about political corruption in New York.

*Tears of the Sun. John Woo’s action adventure film, set in the Amazon rain forest. It could have done for Pitt what
Speed did for Keanu Reeves.

*Last Dance. An as- yet-uncast drama about capital punishment.

Pitt, who will also star in February’s Legends of the Fall, is, however, still considering A Simple Plan (another Stiller film, this one based on Scott Smith’s thriller), about two brothers who find a bag of money and set off on a criminal path, and Crowded Room, about a man’s battle with schizophrenia, which Joel Schumacher (The Client) may

What makes Pitt the new ‘it’ boy? Says one studio executive, ‘He could be the next Tom Cruise.’

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