Entertainment Weekly – August 26, 1994


Interview With the Vampire doesn’t open until November, but the buzz on Brad Pitt’s performance as the dark, brooding Louis is already leading studio execs to woo the 30-year-old with offers. And like any actor who has just made the A list, Pitt is being more choosy than Jif buyers. He has already passed on these high-profile films:

*Model Daughter. A comedy about a divorced couple fighting for their child’s affections.

*Ben Stiller’s Rolling Stones film. Pitt’s lack of interest helped nix this Universal project.

*City Hall. A drama about political corruption in New York.

*Tears of the Sun. John Woo’s action adventure film, set in the Amazon rain forest. It could have done for Pitt what
Speed did for Keanu Reeves.

*Last Dance. An as- yet-uncast drama about capital punishment.

Pitt, who will also star in February’s Legends of the Fall, is, however, still considering A Simple Plan (another Stiller film, this one based on Scott Smith’s thriller), about two brothers who find a bag of money and set off on a criminal path, and Crowded Room, about a man’s battle with schizophrenia, which Joel Schumacher (The Client) may

What makes Pitt the new ‘it’ boy? Says one studio executive, ‘He could be the next Tom Cruise.’