Jet Set Magazine – November 19, 2011

Interview with Brad Pitt

By Ramzy Malouki

Brad Pitt is the kind of boy who gets better with age. I remember when I started, an interview with the actor in connection with the promotion of the film “Legends of the Fall.” Brad was shy to the point never to speak before a camera without a second person with him, in this case the director Edward Zwick. It was in 1994. Almost 20 years later, Brad Pitt has become a philanthropist, family man, and much harder for us, the man who shares the life of Angelina Jolie. Press “pipol” may well announce their separation virtually every week, the couple is still together. Brad Pitt has nothing to prove. It is excellent actor, he can choose the roles he wants and when he loves a project, do not hesitate to produce it himself. This is the case of the “strategist” his new film. the true story of Billie Beane, a former baseball player who has completely changed the rules of recruitment. Instead of playing the game the usual Mercato, Billie has focused on undervalued days, most often left on the sidelines. By studying their strength, he has committed to low prices, and put in positions where they would have long excelled. Result: Team Billie Beane, the Oakland, Calif., won the championship. A feat that Brad tells in his new film. Brad plays Billie Beane, with accuracy and simplicity which show that deserves its place among the great Hollywood. Brad Pitt confides in Jet Set Magazine.

Ramzy: The sport has changed in recent years. This is usually money than sport. This film is a lesson for all those who live only through the Mercato

Brad Pitt: What I liked is to see that players who are not necessarily the best on paper had their chance. This puts a spotlight on the value we give to success. These players thought they would never succeed and so they have had no opportunities. All of a sudden, some guys came and changed the rules by giving them the opportunity to finally play. It was their turn to enter the field.

Ramzy: a Hollywood as there are stars who make a lot of money. You think this principle to play everyone can walk?

Brad Pitt: Making this movie, I asked about my decisions. All these guys inspired me. They fought against the system and tried their luck. But to return to the sport, the other teams have since adopted this theory, even the great teams that have a lot more money. It will take time for things to change in sport. In football in England, there are a lot of inequality in the league because some teams have more money than others. It is always the same teams that are headed. It’s a bit like in the movies, I travel the world and I see that people do not all have the same opportunities in film. But with digital cinema, everything is changing and we see many new faces that rise with this technology. Talents that we never discovered had it not this easy to communicate.

Ramzy: The Story of Billie Beane is that of an outsider. Do you recognize him?

Brad Pitt: Yes. We sometimes forget that I’m from Oklahoma and Missouri. Two places to film is not really the program!

I started in the figure and gradually I learned the trade. But I’m still fans of outsiders. I must be a certain way. When starting a project as a producer, we find ourselves soon face a huge responsibility. We need a lot of things work together for a film to be done. Yes, I often feel like an outsider.

Ramzy: And Brad Pitt at 16 or 17 years? it was also an Outsider?

Brad Pitt: Only the cars and girls I was interested at the time! I did not really care about the future but as soon as I started to do this job, I found myself in the following situation: Imagine a kid who is 17 years. Someone comes to him and said “you’ll be on a show and we will give you lots of money.” This is not necessarily what can happen to you the best. This is not what you wanted to do with your life. This is a time when you do not have enough experience to make yourself such a decision 10 years later, you end up with this feeling of being locked up and you want to do something else. For me it is just that. Except I do not see this as a failure when all is over. Rather, I see this as the beginning of the next victory.

Ramzy: It means that for you, it’s more liberating or stifling?

Brad Pitt: It can be both. Liberating in the sense that you have a lot of opportunities. You go around the world to meet people who have seen Troy! Last night at the premiere of “strategist,” there was a woman who was waiting to see us and she was crying. I thought she was being pushed around by people. Her friend told me she loved Angie and she wanted to see! She was able to meet her and it is a moment she will not forget! There is something very positive and informative when you saw that. On the other hand, it can be very simplistic. It’s been 15 years since I can not go through the main entrance of a hotel. I always have to go through a door schedule. But it’s like everyone else, there’s always the good and bad side.

Ramzy: We can talk about your construction project in New Orleans?

Brad Pitt: We’re at the half. We build low cost houses to prove that we can do it despite the economic crisis. Next, we have no more excuses!

Ramzy: It’s because of the ravages of Hurricane Katrina that you have decided to rebuild a part of the city?

Brad Pitt: I’ve always loved New Orleans. This is a unique city unlike any other. I returned after Katrina and it was completely devastated. I thought I knew quite a few people in the business and could help rebuild some of the city. Through this process, we discovered all the injustice that is related to the reconstruction of buildings for the poor. The use of building materials that do not isolate and thus increase the heating bills. Also buildings that are substandard and that make children sick. It was unacceptable. It was therefore interested to rebuild in a green environment. We managed to build houses where people feel good and can pay their bills at the end of the month.
Ramzy: Let’s talk about Brad Pitt, the father. You have TV at home?

Brad Pitt: Yes. It is mainly to show children what it’s like a film completely finished, for now, they come with us on set. It’s as if you were drawing or if you wrote a story. That does not mean much to them. They want to see the result. I think when they grow up, their buddies they talk about us and what they read in the press. There will be some conflict! But for now, so good!

Ramzy: At what age, according to you, a child must have a mobile phone?

Brad Pitt: Our eldest has one. It’s funny to see him calling with friends, especially since we travel a lot. The phone rings and he responds, “Hey, are you? No, I’m just sitting here. Okay, cool … See you later.” (Laughs …). It’s great practice for him to stay in touch with friends. After he has certain limitations. It monitors all that closely.
Ramzy: Good to see a happy family …

Brad Pitt: We always spoke with Angie. We made that promise to have a family together. everything else is secondary.