Hello – May, 2009

BRAD PITT – by Elaine Guerini

An exclusive interview with Brad Pitt, 45, is not an easy task. The Inglorious Basterds PR staff said that CONTIGO’s meeting with the star would be at a “secret location”, on Thursday (21). The driver was the only one with the address where the meeting would take place. All that to keep the media from Juana Hotel, in Juan Les Pins, a small town located six miles from Cannes, where Pitt finally showed up. “I’m very slow today. I’m not gonna say anything good if I don’t get a cup of coffee soon”, said Brad, wearing black pants and shirt e dark sunglasses.

Angelina Jolie, 33, was with the kids at a private villa, inside Hotel Du Cap, one of the most luxurious of Côte D’Azur. However, on the night before, the couple showed great affection, stealing kisses and caresses on the entrance of the Grand Théâtre Lumiére – what most of the media interpreted as an answer to the rumours about a possible relationship crisis. “It’s true. We’re miserable together”, the actor said ironically with a big smile on his face, shutting down all the rumours about a possible split. “I’ll never understand the tabloids’ fascination with us. It all happens without our participation.”

Pitt is in Cannes to promote Inglorious Basterds, from director Quentin Tarantino, 46 (Pulp Fiction), but he doesn’t need to have a movie showing in the film festival to visit the country. “It’s always a good excuse to visit France. We love to travel and see the kids learning new things”, said Brad, who is the father of Maddox, 7, Pax, 5, Zahara, 4, Shiloh, 3, and the twins Knox and Vivienne, 10 months.

When in France, the “Brangelina” couple usually gets some peace in Provence, a charming region in the south of France, between the Mediterranean and the alps. “It’s a great place to relax, even though it’s never quiet with the kids around. But we’re used to our chaotic routine.” The family seems accustomed to the uninterrupted fame that started when two of the biggest stars in Hollywood became a couple. “Our children are used to seeing mom and dad on the Tv, newspapers and magazines,” revealed Brad. “But we still have trouble when we try to explain to them why we’re followed everywhere.”

Another “problem” the actor had to face was memory loss. “I can’t remember how I got involved with Inglorious Basterds,” he confessed. “Quentin visited me last summer and we talked for hours. The next day, there were five empty bottles of wine on the floor. I must have agreed to do the movie that night, because six weeks later I was lieutenant Aldo Raine.”

The lieutenant Pitt is referring to is the main character of the movie inspired by the italian classic “Quel maledetto treno blindato” (1978), from italian director Enzo Castellari. It’s him who organizes a group of Jewish-American soldiers charged with scalping Nazis during the first year of the German occupation of France. Pitt remembered that Tarantino already thought the movie would get selected for the Cannes festival – where it was nominated for Palm d’Or, but was only awarded with a Best Actor award for
Christoph Waltz, impecable in the role of Pitt’s opponent, known as jew hunter. “It’s a pleasure to work with an author like Quentin”. Although he prefers cult directors, like Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh or the Coen brothers, at home, Brad only has time to watch cartoons. “Lately the kids want to watch ‘The Ant Bully’ and ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ over and over again. They’re in charge of the remote”, said Pitt, a little resigned. But that’s not a reason for the actor to think about doing animated films. “That would be too much to ask”.