Skip – May, 2004


Who, besides Brad Pitt, could have played the legendary war-heroe, believed to be of divine ascent? Kurt Zechner talked with him exclusively for SKIP about Troy -Training & future plans and found out, what the ancient Greeks wore beneath their armor.

SKIP: For Troy you trained your body into perfect shape …

Brad Pitt: I just turned 40 and already felt a little the midlife crisis coming. So I wanted to test it out, how far I could take my body. Besides it is our job as actors so bring our character to life as authentically as possible, also on the outside. And Troy required muscles. Not just for the appropriate look, but especially for the performance. There was a lot of fighting, it was constantly 100 degrees while shooting, I had to get in shape to endure that.

SKIP: Did you study Homer writings too?

Brad Pitt: Of course, I read the Iliad often and I devoured a lot of related literatur. I wanted to work extensively, because a lot of people around the world know and love this story. What was especially fun for me was, naturally, the training with the sword. (grins)

SKIP: It has been said that you got injured on set …

Brad Pitt: Yes, an irony of the story: I tore precisely my achilles tendon. But luckily right at the end.

SKIP: How did you feel in your costume? Was it comfortable for you not having to wear underwear at the shoot.

Brad Pitt: Very comfortable! (laughs) It is really fascinating: the people of that time designed armor that protects carefully every possible body part, but they didn’t care for underwear. They let the whole thing just, uhm, fly (laughs) … really weird!

SKIP: Jennifer Aniston told us in Berlin that you possess a great natural comedic talent …

Brad Pitt: She really said that? I’m honored. But she exaggerates.

SKIP: In any case she meant, that you should really shoot a comedy sometime.

Brad Pitt: I am not “ha-ha”-funny. Rather more “he-he”. I consider for instance Snatch as a comedy, even my new project, Mr. and Mrs. Smith . And Ocean•s 12 will be very funny.

SKIP: As mentioned, you celebrated recently your 40th brithday. Was that hard for you?

Brad Pitt: On the contrary! I consider it an honor. There are no more lame excuses I am completely responsible for myself, my mistakes and my successes. I can’t blame my parents anymore for anything.

SKIP: Have you considered becoming a father?

Brad Pitt: yes, very often. I really feel I am ready for it. I would have scrwed it up before. I was too irresponsible.

SKIP: Do you and Jennifer talk at home about work?

Brad Pitt: Of course! I come often home and say “Damn I ruined a scene completely!” (laughs) And then Jennifer picks me up.

SKIP: Did she make you to quit smoking?

Brad Pitt: No, I wanted to do that myself, and it wasn’t partcularly hard for me. But it’s even easier to start again (laughs).

SKIP: You cut your beautiful long hair from Troy – why? And what does Jennifer say about it?

Brad Pitt: We had for Troy this crazy Italian styling-Maestro. Every morning he spent hours with my hair. That was paralizing. So I cut it right afterwards. Jennifer is okay with it. She takes me, just the way I look.

SKIP: Are you still dedicated to your hobby, architecture?

Brad Pitt: Yes, I still have a couple of movies to shoot. Afterwards I want to start a couple of architectural projects with a group of people. What it is going to be, I can’t tell you yet.