Tiger Beat – March, 1996


When Brad appeared on the scene as the young hunk on Dallas, he was being called
the “next big sex symbol”—a label he was uncomfortable with
even back then. Indeed, Brad was a very down-to-earth young guy, who was thrilled
at his big break. Back then, the 22-year-old was very talkative and open about
his personal and professional life—and we have him on tape!

Tell us about your character on Dallas.

BRAD PITT: He is Shalane McCall’s boyfriend, Charles. I am 16 or 17 on
the show and Shalane is 15. Basically we are just dating, but I keep getting
into trouble with her parents. The first time they meet me is when they come
home from their honeymoon and they catch us mashing (kissing) on the stairway.
We think they are still away.

How did you get the role on Dallas?

BRAD: I auditioned for a new character on the series Our House and they said,
“While you’re here, read for this.” So I went next door and
read for the producer of Dallas and bingo!

When did you decided to become an actor?

BRAD: I was in college—I was studying advertising and graphic design
at the university of Missouri. I told my parents I was going to California to
go to art school. I didn’t tell them I wanted to act. I always wanted
to give this a try on my own. When I got out here, I started to check things
out and I never made it to art school.

Where did you live when you first got out to California?

BRAD: I knew this girl from home whose dad had a place out here. There was
just a housekeeper living in it, so I got to say there free for a month. Then
I got some guys—there were eight of us living in this little apartment
in North Hollywood. It was a blast. We had no furniture—we all slept on
the floor in the front room. We had a TV, a toaster oven and a stereo. What
more does a guy need? We were all short on girlfriends and money!

What did you do to earn money?

BRAD: Any odd job I could get. There is a place called the Job Factory and
every week they list all of these odd jobs. Those jobs kept me in Captain Crunch
and peanut butter and jelly. It finally got so bad that my buddy and I said
let’s see who can get the most humiliating job. I won! I got a job with
a restaurant called El Pollo Loco. I dressed up as a chicken, stood out on the
corner of Sunset in one hundred degree weather and flapped my wings for the
Grand Opening. They liked me so much, they asked me back!

Your first acting job!

BRAD: Right!

What next?

BRAD: I did a few weeks on Another World. I had to go to New York for that
and I had never been there. Then I got Dallas and in between filming those I
did a Growing Pains episode. I did a Mountain Dew commercial—got to waterski
in Florida. And I just got a McDonald’s commercial today! My mom is so

How long have you been in L.A.?

BRAD: A little over a year. I was a dork when I got out here. I didn’t
even know I had to have pictures!

What kind of kid were you?

BRAD: A dork! I don’t know. I was pretty good at everything, but not
great at anything. My grades were pretty good. I was involved in every school
thing, every sport.

Tell us about your parents.

BRAD: My mom, Jane, is a housewife; she likes to paint. My dad’s name
is Bill and we have a dog—a mutt—named Quiche Lorraine. I have a
younger brother and a younger sister, Doug and Julie—we call Doug, Digger,
and Julie, Jules.

What is the best part of your personality?

BRAD: I don’t know? Since I have come out here, I have really been a
loner, investing all my money and time in making it. It’s so important
to me, I really don’t go out that much—just with my buddies and
we’ll go catch a flick. I can have just as much fun by myself. I read,
write, listen to tunes.

Who is your favorite actor?

BRAD: Jack Nicholson is up there. I love Mickey Rourke—he blows my mind.
I love Sean Penn, even with the bad press he gets. When he is on the screen,
I admire him. I like Timothy Hutton, too. I have never really gotten into the
classics, which I have been trying to learn about lately. Marlon Brando blows
me away. The minute he came on the screen in Streetcar Named Desire, wooooo!

Okay, here’s the dreaded question—what do you look for in a girl?

BRAD: One minute I think I know what I want and then I find something totally
different. It’s hard to put a label on it. I do fall for dark haired and
dark eyed girls. But looks are not everything—I have met so many beautiful
girls out here, but because of their personalities, they were no so beautiful
anymore. Then I met girls, I would not be attracted to right off but because
of their personalities—wooooo! I guess you can say the standard is a sense
of humor.

What’s your favorite food?

BRAD: Shakey’s smorgesboard—at $3.49 it’s a heck of a deal.
All the salad and pizza you can eat. And cinnamon rolls. My favorite meal, really.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

BRAD: In ten years I’ll be 32. I hope I am married with some Brad Jrs.
I would like to be in a position like Kevin Costner. He’s on top and respected
as an actor. I just want to be a respected actor. I want to make people feel
things like how I feel when I go to the movies. I would like to have my own
production company.