From 1991 Brad owned three dogs, one named Deacon (red coon hound), and two others named Maggie (black labrador) and Earl. They were also featured in the US book photoshoot taken in 1997. Three dog names are also mentioned in People 1995: Todd Potter, Saudi and Purty.

The dogs in the movie Seven (95) that his character plays with in his apartment, are Brad’s actual dogs.

A mention about his chameleons: There are 40-odd chameleons living in wooden Chinese-lantern-shaped structures in the backyard. Vanity Fair 1995

Brad and his family currently own two dogs respectively named: Blackout Superstar and Jacque.

‘Relax is my favorite word. it’s my dog Deacon’s command to sit.’ – In Fashion 1992

“Yesterday, Deacon had to wear the Shoe of Shame,” Pitt says. He caught Deacon chewing one of his shoes out in the yard, so he tied the high top around his neck. “He was completely humiliated in front of his buddies.” “All the other dogs were like—“ Simmons (roommate) says. “’We don’t want to hang out with this guy,’” Pitt says. “Now Earl here,” Pitt says, “his tail is exactly at coffee-table level. Everything you leave on the table gets knocked off.” “Earl’s got no legs, but he’s got a big ol’ head—“ Simmons says. “A short man’s complex,” Pitt says. “He sniffs Deacon and goes, ‘I used to have those.’ Deacon hangs his pride in front of Earl and makes him feel bad. Maggie could care less.” – Rolling Stone 1992

I’m greeted at the gate to Brad Pitt’ ageing West Hollywood bungalow by his melancholic red coonhound Deacon. Brad, I find out, can’t greet me himself because he’s busy cleaning up the mess Deacon made the night before in his living room. “He’s going to have to go to boot camp”, says Pitt in his soft Missouri draw! “Usually it’s just shoes, so we tie the shoe of shame around his neck. He gets real humiliated and has to leave. I wouldn’t recommend a coonhound. They’re a lot to deal with. He’s all instincts.” – The Face 1992

‘When I was doing my last movie my friend lost my dog. It was stolen or something. I’m breeding chameleons now. I’ve got 24 of them from Madagascar. I want them to live in a tree, but I have to invent a cage because once in while I’ll find one of them cruising on the TV set. I also have cats… well, I don’t have cats but I’m looking after a friend’s two cats, and one of them shits in the plants. It’s just a little bitty cat and it smells so bad. Unbelievable, I’m just glad they don’t piss on my bed. ‘ – Sky Magazine 1994

The sun has already set as we pull into his driveway, so he digs up a light and several extension cords and we head out to the wooden enclosures on the side of the house. “Chameleons get dull in cages,” he explains, shining the lights on the sleeping reptiles. “But out in the open, oh my God.” – Empire 1994

You’ve just moved to a new house in Hollywood too. “Yeah. I’ve been trying to get my dogs not to pee in the new home”. – Smash Hits 1995

And three hounds Pitt acquired just before he moved in. He has always wanted dogs, but just needed a place big enough. “This one is Todd Potter, this one is Saudi-she’s a pound dog, she loves the love-and this one is Purty, ‘cause he’s so damned purty,” Pitt says, lolling on the floor, accepting dog licks. “Why did you name her Saudi?” you ask. “I don’t know. Why Todd Potter?” he says. O.K., why Todd Potter? “Exactly,” he says. – Vanity Fair 1995

Pitt was having a sandwich, but his dog Saudi ate it while he was showing you the cold cuts. “Damn, that bagel had that salami on there, a little corned beef on top. That was fantastic, wasn’t it Saud?” He is talking to the dog. “Just that little bit of Dijon mustard? I was really into that.” – Vanity Fair 1995

You have three dogs, right? What are their names? “Ah, no names, no names. Protect the innocent. [Pause] One of my dogs, she thinks she’s human, right? She’s very emotional. She has these ‘Nam flashbacks from when she was at the pound and goes cuckoo. And you have to be really delicate with her. But if I don’t give her attention when she demands it, she gets pissed off. And this cute little dog will go to the foot of my desk and lay a steamy pile like you have never seen before. It looks like a horrendous birthing. So I guess I pissed her off last night. I want to invite Robin Leach over for Lifestyles of the Rich and Cheesy and get a big close-up of this pile” [laughs]. – US Magazine 1995

There are 40-odd chameleons living in wooden Chinese-lantern-shaped structures in the backyard. – Vanity Fair 1995

What are the names of your animals? “Purdy. Saudi. Blanco. C.C. Rider. And Todd Potter.” – Interview 1997

He is about to move into a house which, on first appearance, appears to be constructed entirely of chairs and dogs. Four dogs, or is it five? – Esquire 2000