November 16, 2012
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General Information
One of Brad’s main hobbies/interests is architecture. He loves the works and styles of Frank Gehry, Jay Griffith, Jean Nouvel, Daniel Libeskind, Frank Lloyd Wright, Graft, Rem Koolhaas, Tadao Ando and Greene & Greene.

Brad is mostly into the Arts & Crafts and Bauhaus style.
Brad also collects designer chairs (Rietveld) and Tiffany lamps. He also likes to visit art museums i.e. the Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam, Holland) and the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao, Spain).

Below some more links and subpages of interest.

Official quotes by Brad related to architecture.

The official Pitt – Pollaro website.

Brad’s Favorites: Frank Gehry
All about Brad’s affilliation with Gehry.

Brad’s Favorites: Graft
All about Brad’s affilliation with Graft.

Brad’s Favorites: Jay Griffith
All about Brad’s affilliation with Griffith.

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