October 26, 2011

Steve McQueen‘s adaptation of Solomon Northup’s autobiography Twelve Years a Slave continues to put together a damn fine cast. Underrated actor Chiwetel Ejiofor signed on in August to play Northup, an educated and married black man living in 1853 New York. Northup was approached by two men about a job offer in Washington D.C., but when he showed up he was kidnapped and forced into slavery. A couple weeks ago, Michael Fassbender signed on to the project and now Screen Daily reports [and the The Playlist confirms] that Brad Pitt has joined the picture.

Pitt has been producing the project for several years through his Plan B shingle, however there are currently no details on his acting role. A successful marketing campaign for Shame should help raise McQueen’s profile and therefore the profile of Slave, but getting a major star like Pitt on board is a major asset when it comes to picking up financing. The movie should have no trouble finding buyers when it goes to the American Film Market next month. Hit the jump for a synopsis of a Northup’s autobiography.

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2 responses to “Brad Pitt Joins Steve McQueen’s Twelve Years a Slave”

  1. Jamie says:

    Brad’s film choices to star in and produce have been extraordinary. This sounds like a great opportunity to move the other folks in the film up a notch. His presence makes the film top of the line now. It had great talent before, but the addition of Mr. Pitt adds increased integrity. Great work!!

  2. mohamad says:

    i wish brad start filming soon