New Design

Helu my dear SB visitors. As you must have noticed: a brand new design by Tathy from Night & Day Designs. A stylish one and I absolutely love it.

All in honor of’s nearly 4 year anniversary. Gosh, has it already been 4 years.. Anyways, I thought it was about time SB looked special again instead of that boring white/blue thing it had going for the last few months.

Thanks to everyone that’s been helping me out behind the scenes in so many ways, getting pictures, news, videos, contributing some much needed money to help pay for the SB bills that flow in every once in a while. I still love working on the website and keeping everyone up to date on Brad and whatever he is up to. Here’s to another 4 years! Thanks everyone for your continued support and please let SB remain your main Brad Pitt source.

Just a note

We here @ support Brad, his career and family. I do not allow the bashing of Brad, his career, family, or the choices he makes. It doesn’t mean I am happy with everything he chooses to do or has done in the past. We all simply have to accept it. If you’re not into Brad or the way he lives his life, with the family he is with or the projects he chooses: move on. There are plenty of supposed ‘fansites’ that will allow it. All comments left that will go against this, are simply removed because I don’t want to be a negative bunch of bashers, that’s not what a fansite is about in my opinion. If you think that’s taking away your freedom of speech or whatever: it’s not, you’re free to speak/discuss this elsewhere. I’m getting tired of comments left in relation to his previous marriage/current family status. It’s been 4 years, get over it people. Thanks.


A big thank you to Monique for her donation towards the website! All donations are used to maintain this large website, for content and hosting. Thank you very much :)

Whole new forum

Yep, a whole new forum, we moved. All of the members came with and your posts are there too. It should be a smooth transfer and so far it has. I apologize for the downtime last night, no access to the old forum. Well, with this change, and the more attractive layout and many new features, I hope it triggers all you visitors to either register or join in or start discussions, since we’re all about Brad and everything he does and seems to love.

Also feel free to discuss anything off topic like other movies, celebrities, tv shows, music, books, anything you wanna discuss about. We’re a friendly open bunch!

I’m looking for Brad fans who are wanting to help out and make the forum more active, thru news, discussions, anything, PM me with your ideas.

And registration is open, and won’t need admin approval. I do keep a close eye on activity however.

Please come visit us at

I’ve updated the sidebar of the main site by adding a Google search, it can be quick and easy to look for anything else related or unrelated to Brad on the web. Another good reason to make your first site to go to :)

Also added a new partner link of my friend Kimber: Clooney your greatest source for everything George Clooney.

And if you scroll all the way down, not only will you see links to the 4 network sites of but also the newest promo picture of Brad as Lt. Aldo Raine for Inglourious Basterds, premiering at the Cannes Film Festival this month!

By buying any product in or thru the SB Store you immediatly support the website. Please check out the latest released products like Dallas (season 11) which features all four episodes Brad appeared in back in 1987. You can also pre-order your copy of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Please use the SB Store for all your Brad Pitt memorabilia :)