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I got off my ass and updated the following movie pages from the Projects section. I know not many of you venture there but I love these subpages very much. SB is all about the correct Brad information, whether it comes to his interviews or work or general information. These pages take some time but every now and then, I manage to find some. Enjoy. Still looking for some help on the Biography page please.

Ferrell and Fey recall Brad’s Smell

They didn’t record their ‘Megamind’ scenes with Brad Pitt, but Tina Fey and Will Ferrell recall to ET their run-ins with the A-list actor.

“I brought him lemon tea one day, and he had left. I missed him by like five minutes,” Will joked about his headline-grabbing co-star. “I was in the same building that he was in.”
Tina recalled that she did meet him at “Saturday Night Live” and referred to him as “a very nice man.” Will added, “Yes, extremely nice, and like you would think, he smells of cinnamon. When you picture Brad Pitt, like fresh baked bread and cinnamon.”
Comedian and former “Arrested Development” star David Cross joked that Brad was his reason for joining the cast. “Brad Pitt wouldn’t do the movie unless I was on board. … He owes me $50 so some calls were made and then I went ahead and did it.”
Director Tom McGrath revealed to ET that Brad broke tradition and walked around the voice booth with a hand-held mic while recording his parts. “Brad is really funny too. … He’s a great physical comedian.”

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