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Translated French interview: Bubble Mag

In this respect, how does Maddox react, your elder son, when he sees your face on huge posters or in coverage of magazines?
We had a big debate on this subject. It is finally understood that it was preferable to see coverage of the doctors, of firefighters, of discoverers, of individuals who bring something concrete, which betters our world, the types which save people, that sacrifice themselves for a good reason. They are the true heroes.
I either do not want to be received as a monument, as an icon or to become a statue on which the pigeons will defecate (laugh). Between us, I, rather have impression to be a normal guy, trap in the body of a star of cinema. The actors are treated as very special persons. Suddenly, some of my colleagues live in permanent lie. They imagine to be elected, different, and it is trap. I would have been able to be taken in this trap if I had not had around me friends or members of my family – and especially my children! To bring me back down to Earth. Through them, I reinvented myself. I have to admit, I’m a dream seller.

And what do you think you provide them?
Equilibrium, the joy of life, desire to bloom, to grow. I love making them discover nature. Personally speaking, to live in harmony with environment, is better than to go to the Prozac! I try especially hard to find them new games or tournaments, every day. And, believe me, it is necessary to have imagination and also health, because if there is definitely something that do not support my children, it is routine!

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Translated French interview: Bubble Mag

In your last film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, your character goes back in time, in the literal sense of the term, Benjamin Button looks younger over the years. Your fountain of youth to you, it is what?
My six Children! Believe me, it is necessary to have health to bring up such a tribe. Angelina and me, we are in constant movement and that is what maintains our form!

In this work, you are made up and made up. I do not know if your ‘tribe’ came to visit you on the set, but if it is the case, how did they react by seeing you as an older person?
I hesitated a lot before accepting they come. I told myself that I was going to traumatize them being so made up. In fact, they made no comment. I ignore it if it does because they are accustomed to see me playing, but I saw no astonishment in their look. That their dad was hairless, and 50 years older, well, they couldn’t have cared less!

This film takes place partly in an elder care center. Is it a place which you saw frequently to ‘live’ better in your role?
No. On the other hand I have had members of my family which reside there. I also have a friend working in an elder care center, and he said that each time he talked with people close to death, they did not speak about their career, or awards, about a book they have written or of their professional success, but about their regrets and the people whom they love and whom they did not see enough. David’s film also treats the disappearing of people they love and of the way we manage their departure.

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People magazine interview

So what could possibly be left to reveal when it comes to the Inglourious Basterds star?

Well, according to People, plenty…

For instance, did you know that if you went into the Jolie-Pitt garage, you would find a Snow White sticker on a Disney Princess bicycle?

What’s more, the father of six tells the mag that sometimes, “Mommy and Daddy need to hire a babysitter, go away and get dirty.”

Brad adds that he would much rather have George Clooney watch his children over Matt Damon, because “He doesn’t stand a chance with my kids.”

Unless, of course, Clooney breaks out the art supplies. “Our favorite activity to do with the kids is anything creative,” says Brad. “As of late, we’ve been investigating the world of painting. Meaning we spread out a giant canvas and put out some buckets of paint and go all Jackson Pollock on it.”

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