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Gwyneth and Brad Pitt: On Bruce Paltrow and the Cashmere Shirt That Inspired a Business

If you’ve browsed our Father’s Day gift guide, you might recognize the shirt in the photo above. It’s from a new-to-the-goop-shop brand called God’s True Cashmere, which comes highly recommended to us (well, to Gwyneth) by Brad Pitt. Below, we interview the founder, and GP talks to Brad about his involvement in the business, his love of the late Bruce Paltrow, and more.

For holistic healer–turned–Brad Pitt’s business partner Sat Hari Khalsa, the journey to entrepreneurship was, in her own words, divinely driven. “In October 2018, I had a dream where Brad was telling me that he wanted more softness in his life, more green cashmere,” Sat Hari says. Coincidentally, Pitt had said that exact thing to his stylist just two days prior.

Inspired by this vision, Sat Hari set out to make her friend a cashmere button-up based on one she had been given by a client almost a decade earlier. “I knew that these shirts existed, but they weren’t exactly what I wanted, and I couldn’t find them again,” she says. “So I called around to all the different fashion houses to see if somebody could make a cashmere shirt in time for Christmas, and everyone basically said no.”

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God’s True Cashmere

“God’s True Cashmere began with a dream. In my dream, a dear friend of mine asked for a gift. A cashmere shirt. “Softness,” he said, “I need more softness in my life.”

As I pieced together this gift for him, finding the finest artisans across the world, I began to realize this gift is for all of us . We all thirst for that familair, gentle touch. We all seek that soft and loving embrace.” Photographed by DavisFactor. Featuring Gods True Cashmere creators: Sat Hari Khalsa and Brad Pitt.

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• x01 God’s True Cashmere – Promotional Photoshoot Thanks Shann.