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Brad Pitt Joins Social Mediaverse on Google +, Skips Facebook

So the big news is that ultra-private celebrity Brad Pitt has finally succumbed to the lure of Social Media. No, he’s not on Twitter. Nor is he on Facebook. His first venture online is on Google +.

And his first post? No, he’s not talking about smoking pot, turning into a doughnut or getting hitched to Angelina Jolie. He already fessed up about marriage to The Hollywood Reporter in the magazine’s cover story this week. His first social media post was about his Make It Right venture in New Orleans.

“Making a big announcement later this week about an event in New Orleans in March to raise money to build safe, sustainable homes for disadvantaged families and disabled veterans. Check back here or on Make It Right’s page”

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Brad Pitt on Injury: ‘It Was Just an Old Man Tripping’

This just made me laugh ;)

Once again, Brad Pitt was turning heads on the red carpet Monday night. And it wasn’t just because of a gorgeous Angelina Jolie on his arm, but because of his newest accessory: a black cane.

The actor, 48, who previously told reporters he had an injured ACL (a ligament in the knee that connects the femur with the tibia), tells PEOPLE he’s doing just fine.

“It wasn’t life or death,” Pitt, who slipped down a hill while carrying 3-year-old daughter Vivienne, said at Monday’s New York Film Critics Circle Awards. “It was just an old man tripping.”

He said he doesn’t expect a prolonged recovery, and he was able to walk the red carpet and use the stairs with minor use of his cane. It’s “not too bad,” said Pitt, who took home the best-actor award for his work in Moneyball and Tree of Life.

“I know how hard he works,” Jolie, 36, said of her partner’s honors. “And I’m very proud of him.”

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Brad Pitt Reveals Why He Walked With a Cane

The “Moneyball” actor told THR that he was carrying his daughter when he tripped.

Why was Brad Pitt walking with a cane on the red carpet of the 23rd Palm Springs International Film Festival’s Awards Gala?

“I was carrying my daughter and I tripped and fell,” he told The Hollywood Reporter on the carpet. “But everyone’s fine.”

Angelina Jolie, in a cafe latte colored silk chiffon pleated Elie Saab halter gown, was doing interviews on her own and added, “Everyone’s fine. I think all parents get injured in the line of fire! When Maddox was young, I fell and hurt my elbow. It’s a pretty common occurrence.”

But don’t expect Pitt’s injury to slow down these busy parents down. They will be celebrating Zahara’s seventh birthday this Sunday.

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The actor, 48, walked the red carpet at the 23nd annual Palm Springs Film Festival awards gala with the cane on Saturday, and told reporters he has an injured ACL, a ligament in the knee that connects the femur with the tibia.

“I was carrying my daughter [Vivienne] down the hill and I slipped,” Pitt said. “It was either her or me.”

Though Pitt says he won’t need surgery, he may need that cane for a while.

Not that his partner, Angelina Jolie, minds.

“I like the cane,” she told reporters on the carpet Saturday, adding that the injury hasn’t slowed him down much at all. “He’s not that kind of guy. He does everything still.”

Jolie also said that Vivienne, 3½, wasn’t hurt in the tumble.

“Vivie’s okay,” she told reporters. “She was absolutely fine.”

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Hey Brad Pitt, what movie should I see?

Brad Pitt (actor, Moneyball): I’d have to give a list; I couldn’t give just one. But my favourites in rotation are One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Apocalypse Now, Dr. Strangelove, Dog Day Afternoon . . . and I really come back to Gene Hackman as “Popeye” Doyle in The French Connection. There’s just that obsessive quality about him. I love that. I love Hackman. That’s my list right now, man.

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Brad Pitt declares Liverpool fondness

Brad Pitt has declared himself a fan of Liverpool Football Club.

During an interview for his new film, Moneyball, Pitt said that he if he was not a Red he would be “disowned” by some friends.

“I have some friends who are very close to Liverpool, so if I went another way I might be disowned,” said the 47-year-old.

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Brad Pitt Eating in Movies

If you saw Moneyball this weekend, perhaps you walked out of the theater thinking, Wow, that Brad Pitt really is a charming and handsome movie star. Or maybe instead you thought, Huh, Brad Pitt eats a lot in movies. The man does not stop feeding. (Except to throw a chair across the locker room, and then: more food.) Popcorn, Twinkies, Christmas cookies, a cheeseburger — it all ends up in Brad Pitt’s perfect mouth. When Terry Gross asked him about this exact phenomenon, Pitt ascribed the tic to the intensity of the real life Billy Beane, but Ocean’s Eleven aficionados will remember that Brad is chowing down in almost every scene of that movie, too. In fact, he eats in a lot of his movies. And so to prove the Brad Pitt Eating in Movies Theory, Vulture put together a list of every single item of food that Pitt has ever eaten in a movie, ever. Click through for the definitive and basically nutrition-less list.

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