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Golden Globes Nominees

Best picture, musical or comedy: “Babylon”

Supporting Actor: Brad Pitt, “Babylon”

Best actress, musical or comedy: Margot Robbie, “Babylon”

Best actor, musical or comedy: Diego Calva, “Babylon”

Original score: Justin Hurwitz, “Babylon”

Check out the entire list right here. So excited for Brad and this movie! Some of Plan B’s productions are also nominated!

Pitt Praises Damien Chazelle for ‘Babylon’ Opulence: ‘That’s Not CG’

Damien Chazelle’s “Babylon” is clearly the Oscar winning director’s most ambitious film to date. His sprawling tale of Old Hollywood debauchery boasts a three-hour run time, a seemingly endless list of characters, and an A-list cast featuring the likes of Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie.

The project was a massive cinematic undertaking, but Chazelle’s cast thinks that he rose to the occasion. In a new interview with ScreenRant, Brad Pitt had nothing but praise for Chazelle and his visual skills as a filmmaker.

“First of all, it’s Damien Chazelle,” Pitt said when asked why he was interested in making the movie. “When he came on with ‘Whiplash,’ it was something new and fresh, and it had a kinetic energy that I hadn’t seen before. And, you know, he’s three for three. Now he’s four for four in my mind.”

Pitt went on to explain that the film’s over-the-top opulence was only possible due to Chazelle’s attention to detail and passion for Hollywood history.

“But this one was different in the sense that there’s always something new I’m finding with new directors, and everyone has their own language and style,” he said. “And what Damien gets so much… I mean, you look at this photo (a ‘Babylon’ poster) – that’s real. That’s not CG. This is all going on at once, and somehow he’s able to capture it all. And this thing moves at a pace that is, again, something I haven’t been a part of. It’s just like keeping up, really.”

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How Margot Robbie Orchestrated Her Unscripted Babylon Movie Kiss With Brad Pitt

The actress reunites with her Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star Brad Pitt in the upcoming film Babylon, which premieres Dec. 23. Dubbed by E! News’ Francesca Amiker as “what will become an iconic kiss scene,” Margot exclusively revealed on the show’s Dec. 5 episode that her smooch with her co-star was actually improvised.

“That wasn’t in the script,” she shared, “but I thought, ‘When else am I gonna get the chance to kiss Brad Pitt? I’m just gonna go for it.'”

In the film, Margot stars as aspiring actress Nellie, who looks to make her dreams come true in 1920s Hollywood with help from fellow aspiring star Manny Torres (Diego Calva) and veteran actor Jack Conrad (Pitt).

Stating that the kiss scene “was just great,” Margot confessed she had to convince director Damien Chazelle in order to make it happen.

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Robbie Saw an Opportunity to Kiss Brad Pitt (and Promote Babylon) and Took It

Margot Robbie saw an opportunity and took it. The opportunity being a kiss scene with Babylon co-star Brad Pitt. “That wasn’t in the script,” Robbie told E! News on December 5, referring to the moment where the two lock lips in the upcoming Damien Chazelle film. “But I thought, When else am I gonna get the chance to kiss Brad Pitt? I’m just gonna go for it.” Robbie plays an aspiring actress in Babylon, set in 1920s Hollywood, that chronicles the end of the silent-film era and transition to talkies.

Apparently, the kiss scene was “great,” according to Robbie, though it took convincing Chazelle to let her improvise it. “I said, ‘Damien, I think Nellie would just go up and kiss Jack,’” Robbie recalled. “And Damien was like, ‘Well, she could — wait, hold on. You just wanna kiss Brad Pitt.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, so sue me. This opportunity might never come up again.’ And he was like, ‘It does work for the character,’ and I was like, ‘I think so.’”

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‘Babylon’ Team Finds Just The Right Notes To Set Tone

Drug-induced decadence is nothing new in Los Angeles, but director Damien Chazelle sought to capture it in its extreme in Babylon, his exploration of 1920s Hollywood during the advent of the “talkies era.”

The film features a glittering cast including Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Olivia Wilde and Samara Weaving, but one new face is Calva, who plays rising film producer Manny Torres. Calva is an established actor in Mexico, but Babylon represents his first American film.

He recalled his unique introduction to one of his co-stars when Chazelle asked him to come to California and pretend to be a PA on a commercial he was filming with Pitt.

“So, I came to California and then Damian told me ‘Actually, you’re gonna pretend you’re a PA on this commercial. I want you to work in this commercial as my assistant.’ So I was at work for two days in the commercial. I have like my backpack full of Coca-Cola … and I met Brad that way, as a PA, and he was great. And then Mary [Zophres] said the secret like, ‘Brad, have you met Diego? He’s acting in Babylon.’ And Brad turned to me and Damon and said, ‘I think somebody has something to explain to me.’ “

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