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Jerry Bruckheimer And Joseph Kosinski On ‘F1’: Filming At Grand Prix

EXCLUSIVE: Jerry Bruckheimer and Joseph Kosinski worked together on Top Gun: Maverick and the pair have re-teamed for Apple Original Films’ F1. They won’t be getting airborne this time but are applying high-octane lessons gleaned from their previous effort as they buckle up for the motor-racing movie.

The film is made in partnership with Formula 1 and its 10 teams, which means access to the paddock and tracks and effectively becoming embedded to the extent that director Kosinski says: “We’re the eleventh team.”

Brad Pitt stars as a former driver who returns to Formula 1 in the movie, alongside Damson Idris as his teammate at the fictional APXGP team. Real F1 drivers will feature and the picture will, Bruckheimer says, incorporate events from F1 races.

Nothing in F1 is cheap and the film comes with a hefty price tag. As the strikes caused a scheduling pit-stop, reports said the budget was swelling to $300 million. The team, however, dispute both that number and that the strikes meant reshoots were needed.

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