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Hello!  I am so excited to be joining the Simply Brad team!  After deliberating we have decided to move into the social media world, and that is where I come in.  With the amount of time it takes to run this site, there is no way Josan could add that to her plate, so I have come aboard to help out.  I will be helping out a little with the site, but my main role will be as Social Media Manager.  That sounds more important and fancy than it really is, but it will be a super fun job and I can’t wait to get started!

I am so thrilled to be working with Josan!  We have been great friends for over 15 years and I remember when she started Simply Brad.  She has put her blood, sweat and tears into this site and I couldn’t be more honored to join her!

With that said, please follow us on social media!  We are just getting started so we can use all the help we can get.  So please throw us some likes, retweets and shares, we would really really appreciate it!!  Also, please leave us comments on these posts.  We are always looking to improve and we welcome your input.

Twitter: @SimplyBradCom
Instagram: @simply__brad

And if you would like to also follow my personal chronological Brad Instagram account (which is actually connecting now officially to SB) you can find me at:

Instagram: @brad_pitt_career


4 Responses

  1. admin says:

    Hi YouKey, welcome to! Thank you for your kind words and please enjoy the website. Japan used to have really great moviestar magazines like Screen and Moviestar for example. Several oldies are to be found at the gallery. Safari also has a nice photoshoot sometimes, I remember. Please enjoy and if you happen to find some nice Japan Brad stuff I am always interested. Feel free to email me. Cheers, Josan/

  2. YouKey says:

    Hi all at from Tokyo, Japan! A few hours ago, I chatted with Shann on Twitter. So fortunate of me to have found your website! What a pity, no more decent film/movie magazines are published in Japan except for “KineJun”. And I cannot cover every single article. So your website is tremendously of help to me. I have watched Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood more than 60 times, and I am going to travel to other major city next week to catch the film. The first and the last film that makes me go wild like that! I might attend the lecture of Tadao Ando, who is one of favorite architects of Brad in a few weeks. I will let you know. Keep it up!

  3. admin says:

    Hi Elisabeth, thank you for your message. This is just a fansite dedicated to Brad and his projects though. Unfortunately he won’t read your kind words… But feel free to leave a comment when you want to. Have a lovely day, Josan/

  4. Élisabeth Wassmer says:

    Hi Brad ! I’m happy to have a dedicated place to leave a message of congratulations to you for the goldenglobe. Thanks for this great idea of website! I’m particularly keen on your work those recent years, i confess… The Big Short, Once upon the time…. Ad Astra, Money ball👌👌👌👌(i’m also crazy about Brun after reading🤣🤣) looking forward to screening the next one. I would have so much more to say… Enjoy this marvelous new year 2020, Brad. I wish you all the best . love. 💋 Eliz😘🥂🤩