6 thoughts on “Fan Encounter

  1. Danielle, it was not far away. It just seems.
    The behind the glass was max 10 ft. & them entering hotel was about 25 ft the most.
    They walked in so fast, I got super lucky I could take a pic in my zone
    (Security was very thick that night & kept all at a distance)
    Though I snuk & found a nook where I watched Brad giving interviews for a good 15 mins.I finally got the nerve to snap a pic (was afraid flash would alert the dictator Security) lol

  2. Wow, you’re so lucky, Gaby! Even though it was from a distance. :-)
    The closest I’ve come in seeing Brad is his wax figure in London hehehe

  3. Thank you for sharing Gaby!!! It’s such a great “high” when you see them!!! I saw them in NYC in 2007 Jessie James, thanks to this wonderful website’s info!!!

  4. yes yes, I was lucky , Josie.
    So many great things to say but to some it up in one word.


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