‘Santa is a Lie’ Brad’s photo print for charity

This is an email I received over the summer but it got lost in my permanently filled SB inbox and thus I couldn’t warn you all about the auction. In case you had a spare $1,750 ;)

Hi there. My name’s Maggie and my Uncle, Henry Chalfant, directed a film called ‘Style Wars’ in the early 80’s. It’s become cult classic, documenting the very beginnings of hip hop, grafitti and breakdancing.

Style wars

Catherine Keener helped us organize a massive celebrity art auction to restore the original negative and some never before seen b-roll and transfer it to hd. A very expensive process. We threw a huge party here in nyc that was a big hit but we want to get the word out to all the fans / collectors about this incredible auction.

Brad Pitt was amazing and and agreed to participate. He donated an incredible original piece that incorporated his meticulous design element with his off-color humor, lol, and it’s great. it’s truly my favorite piece from the show.

We’d like to get the word out to any of his fans who might be interested in putting a bid down. the opportunity is incredible and we would be so thrilled if you were to link the information below to your site.

Read more. Thanks Maggie.


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  1. Gaby says:

    Tx Josie.

    hahaha.. Santa is a Lie.

    right on, Brad!