1. BT, like I said, I make a graphic of Brad with the bday person. I’m not disregarding the fact that Angelina is the mother. I’m happy she is, bless their family. It’s just how I choose to do my graphics: Brad oriented. I know it doesn’t make this less a Brad site if I’d made a graphic with Angelina & Viv, it’s just the way I do/did. That’s all. Happy bday twins.

  2. if you want pictures of angie (besides i love her) go to the angie’s website here it’s BP website!!! BT i don’t know if you are a girl or a boy but here we interest of brad (Excuse me for my english if I’m wrong, but I’m french)
    josan works on brad everyday for the fans pleasure so yes she’s cut pictures with photoshop or whatever and put brad instead of…
    if you don’t understand that i can’t do anything for you!!!
    End of the polémics.
    Anyway josan i love your website, it’s the best by far!!! GO on like this!!!

  3. Happy birthday!!! … have a nice day Josan :) there are tons of pictures of brad with family and of course angie in the gallaries so i’m sure BT the way you’re looking at it is not the way Josan looked at it. its pretty much standard thingie here, the birthday message and the accompanying icon :) all’s good.

  4. I come here sometimes. I get what you’re saying.

    But if you didn’t have a pic of Pitt with Vivienne why not post the one with Jolie and Vivienne?

    It wouldn’t make this less of a Pitt’s site.

    It’s king of weird cutting the mother like that.

  5. Don’t worry about it. Thanks for trying. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Viv and Knox..
    Have a great day Josan!

  6. *Sigh* Because: if you are a regular visitor you know that this is a Brad Pitt website and the Happy Bday pics are always a picture of Brad with the bday person. And because I don’t know of any pictures of Brad with Viv, I did it like this. No, I don’t hate Angelina or whatever. Examples:

    I realise that Shiloh’s doesn’t have a picture of Brad, and it’s a much larger icon, that’s cause I was trying something different. No excuse for that one, also not against Angelina or Brad or their kids or them being together blah blah. Ugh what a questoin to wake up to.

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