April 14, 2009
by admin /

SimplyBrad.com was first a Forum and then a couple months later opened its doors to this site. The Forum opened in July 2005 and the website September 2005.

SimplyBrad.com was first hosted at a smaller hosting company but the site grew fast and is still growing by the day. In December 2005 after talking to a good friend online, I took the risk and applied at Fan-sites.org (now offline) and was quite surprised to get accepted so fast! After almost 2 years it made two big moves and ultimately ended up on a professional hosting service. I am proud to be hosted by Ace-Host since April 2007.

The images on this site are either scanned by myself, or given to us exclusively by many of my friends (see credits to read the full list of contributors).

You will find a lot of HQ images here, and out of respect to those (and myself) who took the time to find or scan these images for this site, I ask you to not take any without giving credit or asking me first. Linking images directly from the website is disabled due to past abuse.

In case you were wondering, you will not find any nude pictures of Brad at SimplyBrad.com. There is a very fine line between what is considered public and or privacy. I try to be as respectful as I find neccessary.

Do I know Brad Pitt?
Nope. I am not in contact with Brad, nor the people around him. I do not know his email address or anything like that. It is a waste of your time to contact me about this information because I cannot help you.

SimplyBrad.com is a non-profit fansite, made for entertainment only – to promote Brad Pitt, his work and bringing his fans together. All copyright is to their respective owners – no copyright infrigment ever intended. Images are tagged only to promote the site, not to claim ownership. All donations go directly into the website.

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