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Fight Club was a huge success, written by Chuck Palahniuk’s graphic novel, “Fight Club.” The novel paved way for the success of 1996’s “Fight Club,” which is now known as one of the best psychological thrillers of the 1990s.

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton have been excellent actors in the movie, along with Helena Bonham Carter, which has now to have a sequel. Palahniuk said “Fight Club 2” would be another graphic novel that would delve into the lives of Tyler Durden, 10 years after his successful creation of the “Fight Club.”

“It will likely be a series of books that update the story 10 years after the seeming end of Tyler Durden. Nowadays, Tyler is telling the story, lurking inside Jack, and ready to launch a come-back. Jack is oblivious. Marla is bored. Their marriage has run aground on the rocky coastline of middle-aged suburban boredom. It’s only when their little boy disappears, kidnapped by Tyler, that Jack is dragged back into the world of Mayhem.”

The twists in the movie would certainly make this another good watch. But the question would be if the the original stars of the graphic novel reprise their roles?

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The Italian distributor of “12 Years a Slave” has apologized for posters that placed the focus on Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender at the expense of star Chiwetel Ejiofor.

“We apologize for creating and releasing unauthorized posters for ’12 Years a Slave’ in Italy featuring Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender in a manner inconsistent with approved advertising materials,” BIM Distribuzione said in a statement issued Thursday. “All inappropriate materials have now been withdrawn. We are very proud of the film and regret any distraction this incident may have caused.”

The apology came three days after first news of the posters emerged. Pitt, who produced the film, has a minor role in “12 Years a Slave” and Fassbender is in a supporting role, and both are white, while black actor Ejiofor appears in virtually every scene in the film.

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Brad Pitt makes a cameo in the upcoming “22 Jump Street”, according to Radar Online.

The 50-year-old was roped into playing himself as a college librarian by Jonah Hill, who co-starred with Pitt in “Moneyball”.

The sequel to 21 Jump Street sees hapless cops Jenko (Tatum) and Schmidt (Hill) continue their undercover work while on campus.

In an attempt to blend in with their fellow students Jenko joins the football team while Schmidt becomes part of the art clique as they try to crack their case.

During their investigation the pair stumble upon Pitt inside the campus playing himself as a low-paid librarian.

The talented star then purposefully does some dodgy acting that doesn’t go un-noticed by the two undercover cops.

“The scene is very funny and the guys had a great time doing it”, a source tells Radar Online. “Brad was a great sport and the producers were thrilled that he took part.”

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Actor Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, which has built 100 energy-efficient new homes in the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Lower 9th Ward, is considering legal action against the manufacturer of an innovative glass-infused wood that was used in some of the homes’ outdoor steps and front porches. The wood has begun rotting, despite being guaranteed for 40 years, a Make It Right spokeswoman said.

Construction crews used the wood product, called TimberSIL, to build decks and stairs for about 30 homes from 2008 to 2010, said Taylor Royle, the Make It Right spokeswoman.

TimberSIL is described in promotional materials provided by its South Carolina-based manufacturer as offering “an effective barrier in lumber to rot, decay and common wood problems without using toxic ingredients.”

Make It Right, known for its homes’ eye-catching designs and “green” building features such as solar panels and rainwater collectors, was interested in an alternative to conventional treated lumber, which “usually uses chemicals,” Royle said. “In trying to be sustainable and green, we didn’t want to use decking lumber that had chemicals in it,” she said.

The absence of chemicals in the TimberSIL wood meant it could be “mulched and composted at the end of its life cycle,” she said.

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If you lived in Italy and stubbornly refused to read movie reviews, that might be the impression formed by a quick glimpse at the movie’s poster. The artwork features the oversized head of Brad Pitt, while Chiwetel Ejiofor’s running Solomon Northup — the primary visual in the American marketing campaign — is shoved into a lower corner. Another similar poster makes use of Michael Fassbender’s face in the same way as Pitt’s. (It would be even more difficult to conjure up a log-line for 12 Years that tells the story from his despicable character’s point of view.)

Major movie stars like Pitt are especially crucial to the selling of Hollywood movies in international markets, but the main character of Steve McQueen’s movie is undoubtedly Ejiofor’s Solomon, whose ordeal of being kidnapped and trafficked into Southern slavery is the sole heart-wrenching narrative. Fassbender plays one of Solomon’s cruel taskmasters, and Pitt, who produced the film, has an extremely minor — but crucial — role as a sympathetic Canadian carpenter who frowns upon the Southern system of slavery. Pitt might sell better than Ejiofor, but the poster’s misrepresentation is especially egregious considering the nature of the tale.

After the posters were noted by some bloggers, including Carefree Black Girl, Summit Entertainment told Variety that those posters were unauthorized and it planned to recall them immediately. “The 12 Years a Slave theatrical posters featuring Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender that were recently released in Italy were unauthorized and were not approved by any of the producers or licensors of the film,” the company said in a statement. “Summit Entertainment, acting as exclusive sales agent for the licensors, is investigating and taking immediate action to stop the distribution of any unauthorized posters and to have those posters currently in the marketplace recalled.”

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The management of Make It Right, actor Brad Pitt’s post-flood architecture development in the Lower Ninth Ward, will hold a second Hollywood-style benefit gala in New Orleans on May 17, 2014. Make It Right, which began in 2007, has produced 100 homes for former neighborhood residents, designed by some of the world’s finest architects, including Frank Gehry, Thom Mayne and Eskew+Dumas+Ripple. In the past six years, Make It Right has become a jewel in New Orleans’ crown of tourist attractions and brought activity to an otherwise ruined area of the city.

Make It Right reports that last year’s gala on March 10, 2012, raised over $4 million, which was used in the construction of 20 homes. The 2012 party and concert at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans featured appearances by Brad Pitt, Ellen DeGeneres, Drew Brees, Rihanna, Sheryl Crow, Kanye West, Aziz Ansari, Seal, Snoop Dogg, the Soul Rebels and others.

The 2014 benefit gala will take place at the Sugar Mill at 1021 Convention Center Blvd. The price of admission is $1,000 per person. Make It Right will announce the performers and attending celebrities on its website in 2014. Tickets will be for sale through the Make It Right website and by calling 504.620.3200.

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Joseph Kosinski is directing the Fox car-racing project, which seeks to adapt the book written by A. J. Baime.

Brad Pitt might be re-teaming with Tom Cruise for their first feature together since 1994’s Interview With the Vampire.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Pitt is being courted to star alongside Cruise in Go Like Hell, Fox’s racing movie based on Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans, written by A. J. Baime.

Cruise is attached to portray car designer Carroll Shelby in the project, which has Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion) in the director’s chair.

Lucas Foster and Alex Young are producing the true story of the competition between the Ford Motor Company and Italian sports car designer Enzo Ferrari, which culminated at the 1966 Le Mans race.
Pitt was attached to star in the project when it had Michael Mann on board as director back in 2009. He remained interested in the project and has had talks with the new team. With Kosinski supervising the writing — brothers Jez and John-Henry Butterworth have written a new draft — a new script is in the actor’s hands.

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