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Jan 07

I was surprised to learn that another cameo has been discovered of young Brad. Dated from 1987 (filmed in 1986) Brad played a teeny tiny part in this movie called Hunk (For more info click on the link). A ridiculously bad movie but alas. I just love these discoveries! Have fun finding 23-year-old Brad in the screencaps below. And here is an easier preview to help, tanning on the right!

• x034 Hunk – Movie Screencaps

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Jan 07

When we ran into David Oyelowo at last night’s Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala, we wanted to know — what’s next after Selma? You’re not going to believe how good the answer was.

The actor is re-teaming with Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B on a film version of Americanah, the best-selling 2013 novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

“I’m about to do Americanah with (Pitt, now quite the BFF) as well with Lupita Nyong’o,” said Oyelowo, who brought his wife Jessica and two of their four children to the event (including his son Caleb, who got a big happy birthday shout-out from dad on stage). “We have to find a director and a writer and all that good stuff. We’ll be playing a couple in that. It’s an epic story that follows these two Nigerians who fall in love in high school, and she goes off to America and he goes off to the U.K. They basically are suddenly immigrants in these countries. He goes back and becomes affluent again in Nigeria and it’s their journey back to each other.”

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Jan 07
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Angelina Jolie is directing as well as acting in “By the Sea,” which also stars her husband Brad Pitt. The movie, which is about an “unhappy couple,” reportedly has one sex scene. The actress has said that it was not difficult to direct the sex scene, as she and her husband Pitt were both part of this love making scene.

Cast member Angelina Jolie poses at the premiere of “Maleficent” at El Capitan theatre in Hollywood, California May 28, 2014. The movie opens in the U.S. on May 30.

Jolie told MTV News that directing Pitt in the sex scene was easy, as her husband just knows what to do. “I was the other person in the love scene, so it wasn’t that hard,” she said, adding, “He knows what I need. He’s always known.” The two got married earlier this year in August in a surprise wedding ceremony in the South of France. Jolie and Pitt are parents to six kids.

“By the Sea” also features heavy fighting scenes. According to Daily Star UK, Jolie has admitted that they have to face “intense emotional dramas” and “huge amounts of pressures” during the shooting of the movie.

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His diverse roster of projects – and handsome good looks – have catapulted Brad Pitt into a league of his own.
And the 51-year-old hunk was looking as charming as ever when he took the stage at the 26th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival on Saturday.
The smiling star waved to the audience as he stepped up to the podium to present David Oyelowo with the Breakthrough Performance Award at the desert oasis celebration. Looking as confident as could be, the husband of Angelina Jolie strolled up onto the stage with the audience in the palm of his hand.

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Dec 30
Happy Bradful 2015

2015 will be the 10th anniversary of! Still going strong haters and lovers ^^ I would like to thank all you visitors from around the world that visit my website. Thank you for your support! I am looking forward to what the new year will bring when it comes to all things Brad <3

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• x033 12 Years a Slave: DVD Extra: A Historical Portrait
• x015 Hola

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Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr. and Steve Carell will add some superstar punch to the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala.

They are among 11 film luminaries presenting awards to 10 gala award winners Saturday in the Palm Springs Convention Center, festival officials announced.

Pitt, one of the gala’s most popular past honorees and presenters, will hand the Breakthrough Performance Award to David Oyelowo for his performance as Martin Luther King, Jr., in “Selma.” Pitt is a producer of “Selma” with Oprah Winfrey.

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