“It’s almost an affliction, it’s got to be quality,” Brad Pitt told WWD of his approach to God’s True Cashmere, the feel-good luxury label he cofounded with his friend and holistic healer, Sat Hari.

The brand’s gender-neutral, two-pocket cashmere work shirts in solids and tartans, with handcrafted snap buttons made from healing stones like emeralds for health and wealth; lapis lazuli for wisdom and truth, and labradorite for balance and protection are the latest cult casual-luxe item to come out of Los Angeles.

Soft like a hug (a hug from Brad Pitt, no less), the $2,000-plus shirts are being snapped up by in-the-know shoppers in stores from Serenella in Boston to Boon the Shop in Seoul.

Four years in, God’s True Cashmere is in growth mode, with a new e-commerce site, plans to launch more styles and a push to expand wholesale, with a showroom in Paris during the women’s ready-to-wear season March 3 to 6.

“We want the shirts to be the face of the brand,” Pitt said, explaining his aim to stay in the background in his business ventures, which include Le Domaine skin care and the Miraval wine label.

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On set of ‘Wolves’

Brad Pitt and George Clooney are ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple!

Pitt, 59, and Clooney, 61, were seen on the set of their upcoming Apple thriller Wolves on Tuesday, looking relaxed as they filmed scenes for the movie in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood.

The two looked dapper in similar layered ensembles, consisting in part of gray slacks, black leather jackets and shiny black shoes.

As seen in another photo, Pitt wore a teal velour jumpsuit over a white undershirt and white sneakers and carried a yellow Loro Piana cashmere scarf to ward off the chilly N.Y.C weather.

The Babylon star also sported the same newly shorn hairstyle he debuted at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this month, where his appearance made for more than a few celebrity shoutouts.

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Jean Smart Recalls Costar Brad Pitt Consoling Her About Late Husband

Jean Smart is recalling a memorable moment when Brad Pitt shared his condolences after the death of her husband, Richard Gilliland.

While on the red carpet at the Golden Globes 2023 on Tuesday, the Hacks star and nominee, 71, shared what it was like working with Pitt, 59, and Margot Robbie on the new film Babylon. Smart called both of them “so lovely” and “incredible professionals” who are “so funny and sweet.”

“I do remember the day after the Emmys before last,” she recalled to Variety, “and we were shooting Babylon. And I was sitting in a chair just kind of waiting, and Brad came over, and he had watched the Emmys, so he knelt down next to my chair, and he took my hand and he congratulated me and gave me his condolences about losing my husband. He said, ‘I had no idea you’d been going through that. He was incredibly kind.”

“That’s what makes him Brad Pitt,” she added.

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Los Angeles Times

Director Damien Chazelle writes a new love letter to Hollywood in the visually ambitious epic “Babylon,” a story that harks back to a time when silent films were being overtaken by the first “talkies” of the silver screen. Frequent collaborator and cinematographer Linus Sandgren (“La La Land”) developed a visual grammar rich in realism, capturing environments on celluloid with anamorphic lenses. Lighting sources were made to mimic the look of the time period while offering the distinct painterly palette found in Chazelle’s projects. “We took to the extremes a bit more on this film because it needed to have a bit of attitude in the language,” Sandgren says.

Exteriors provided the perfect playground for the Oscar-winning cinematographer to shoot the settings hot and overexposed, which created a contrast with the darker, moody interiors. For a very meta scene that has high-profile actor Jack Conrad (Brad Pitt) scurrying up a hill to kiss a princess (Natasha Kalimada) at sunset, the picturesque moment was shot over five days only in the golden hour. “It’s how filmmaking feels for us,” Sandgren notes.

“Every morning, we thought we were never going to make the day. Then at the end, it’s a great joyous moment that we got it.”

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Brad Pitt’s Plan B Makes First Foray Into Audio Entertainment With Audible Deal

Audible signed an exclusive, multiproject development deal with Plan B Entertainment, the production company led by Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, for a slate of audio originals.

Under the worldwide deal — which represents Plan B’s entry into audio entertainment — the production company will create a slate of Audible originals. It’s the latest pact by Amazon-owned Audible with high-profile Hollywood talent to create exclusive audio productions.

Plan B’s inaugural project for Audible is “A Summer Love Thing” from cinematographer Bradford Young. Currently in active development, “A Summer Love Thing” follows a woman who leaves her successful singing career to return to her Southern hometown and pursue her first love, a blue-collar worker, for the second time. Plan B and Audible describe the project as “moody, lyrical and ethereal, as is all of Bradford’s work,” using “Southern soundscapes to evoke a place, space and time.”

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W magazine

The past year has been quite busy for Brad Pitt. After starring in Bullet Train, popping up in Sandra Bullock’s The Lost City, and executive producing the critically acclaimed Women Talking and She Said, he capped off 2022 with the release of Babylon, Damien Chazelle’s frantic, more-than-three-hour ode to 1920s Hollywood. In it, Pitt stars as Jack Conrad, a suave, if somewhat messy, Hollywood luminary grappling with his fading star power. Even before its December release, the ambitious film, over a decade in the making, received nine Critics Choice Award and five Golden Globe nominations, including a Best Supporting Actor nod for Pitt. For W’s annual Best Performances issue, the 59-year-old Oscar winner reflects on his extraordinary career so far.

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