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Apr 03
BP Press

Added a great new interview Brad did over the phone with Italian Men Style magazine. Brad talks about Inglourious Basterds, Berlin’s kitchen and the upcoming ‘Artifacts’ movie he will be doing with Natalie Portman. Huge thanks to Gracie who translated this new Italian interview from Men for BP Press.

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Apr 02
Old pictures

Added some more pics of Brad attending the Idol Gives Back show and The Today Show (08). Click the links.

Idol Gives Back (04/06/08).
The Today Show (12/02/08).

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Apr 02
BP Media

Made and added low quality screencaps of Brad’s Levi’s commercial. I replaced the video at BP Media thanks Aaron for alerting me about the error occuring.

Levi’s – commercial screencaps (90).

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Apr 02
Old scans

Started scanning one of the greatest Brad books I own, the one published in 1997 by US Magazine called Brad Pitt. It features several photoshoots from Mexico, New Orleans etc. One of my favorites. It’s also available in the SB Store, it won’t disappoint. Click the link below.

Brad Pitt: by the editors of US Magazine.

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The star’s WWII action film, the intentionally misspelled Inglourious Bastards, has been invited to this year’s May 13-24 Cannes Film Festival, and the film’s director, Quentin Tarantino, has not only accepted the call, Variety reports, he’s agreed to allow the picture into competition. The trade paper further reports that Tarantino has promised the Weinstein Company and Universal that his Dirty Dozen-style adventure about Jewish-American commandos battling Nazis will be ready in May. The movie is scheduled to open to the public (08/21/09). Read more.

Added some pics of the upcoming Vanity Fair photoshoot focusing on Inglourious Basterds. Click the link.

Promotional Photoshoot.

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Apr 01
BP Media

Added screencaps of last night’s Entertainment Tonight showing the exclusive upcoming Vanity Fair Inglourious Basterds cast photoshoot. A big thanks to Kristy. Click the link.

Entertainment Tonight (03/31/09).

BP Media: As promised, I’ve added the video of Entertainment Tonight (03/31) featuring Brad and the rest of the cast for Vanity Fair. If you’re able to provide scans, please contact me. Your help is so appreciated :)

Entertainment Tonight (03/31/09).

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