July 11, 2010
by admin / Brad family Mention

Apparently Angelina has a new tattoo and it is ‘just for Brad’. You can watch her interview at MTV. Thanks Gabriella.

She also mentions Brad and their children a lot in her new Parade and Vanity Fair interviews.

July 10, 2010
by admin / Megamind

On July 22, the first day of programming for the annual comic book convention in San Diego, presentations will be made for upcoming movies that feature the actors.

A panel on Pitt’s animated flick “Megamind” will be held starting at 10 a.m. that day in the San Diego Convention Center’s famous Hall H, with attendance from cast members Will Ferrell and Tina Fey promised already.

Then at 1 p.m., Sony Pictures will offer a look at “Salt,” (Angelina’s newest movie) which opens July 23 — and the Comic-Con schedule is teasing that “some very special guests” will drop in.

Could this mean Pitt and Jolie will roam among the “Star Wars” impersonators and “Captain America” fans?

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July 10, 2010
by admin / moneyball

A movie based on Michael Lewis’ best-selling book “Moneyball,” which was derailed after Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh left the project last summer, is heading full steam toward the Coliseum with a new director and a new script.

One constant: Brad Pitt still will star as Billy Beane in the story of how the A’s general manager built winning teams with small-market payrolls, with the 2002 season as a backdrop.

Filming at the ballpark begins July 26 and runs through Aug. 5. Many of the stadium and clubhouse personnel will be taking part in the production.

Soderbergh’s version called for “Moneyball” figures such as Art Howe to portray themselves, with the baseball scenes filmed primarily at spring-training sites in Arizona, as well as at the Coliseum. The new version, written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Bennett Miller (“Capote”), is taking another tact: Actors will rule the day (with Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman as Howe). The cast also includes Jonah Hill and Robin Wright.

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July 10, 2010
by admin / tree of life

Terrence Malick’s (The Thin Red Line) upcoming film The Tree of Life has just received its rating from the MPAA. Via Rope of Silicon, the film will be PG-13 for “some thematic material.” While knowing the film’s rating is nice (if you’re into that sort of thing), the real pull here is that someone has actually seen the long delayed film. In fact, when you consider that no official images and/or trailers have been released for it to date, the rating itself takes on a whole new life of its own as hope that it may actually get released around the time of its latest purported release date, November 2010.

In case you need a refresher for the film, hit the jump to read what we know about it thus far and to check out an official synopsis.

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July 6, 2010
by admin / SimplyBrad.com

Still is rather quiet on the site and forum. Not an intended hiatus, there is just no news or new pics so I´ve taken the moment to chill a bit. Am planning on updating several section of the site this month tho so stay tuned for old stuff. Brad will also start filming Moneyball this month so hopefully there will be picture updates.

I also just realised the other day that it is exactly 5 years ago since I´ve registered and opened SimplyBrad.com. Yay, we´re 5 years old. Lots of stuff went down when this website opened and the website has grown into something beautiful and more than I had ever expected with all its sections: the Press Archive, Forum, Media Archive and of course the largest Image Gallery on the web. Note that the picture used for this update was taken July, 2005 so exactly 5 years ago. It was also then used for the very first SB design. Besides that, it’s one shexy pic.

I´ve definitely no desire whatsoever to give up on this place and will continue to work hard on keeping SimplyBrad.com the best, original and most informative network about Brad Pitt. Thanks to all my Brad friends that have helped me all these years and still are. Keep on visiting SimplyBrad.com!

PS. I also want to clear up something that has caught my eye and ear: as many of you loyal visitors know by now, I always post a happy birthday post for Brad, Angelina and their children. This year however I have not posted one for Angelina. This is due to the fact that I just forgot about it. Plain and simple. So, it wasn’t on purpose, I’m only human and I too forget things. Her birthdate is not branded in my memory like Brad’s is cuz I’m a Brad fan. Next year Angie will get an awesome happy birthday thread like she will every year here, on SB. So don’t be hating on me for this one lil thing, I still think Angie is lovely. Happy belated birthday Angelina.

July 2, 2010
by admin / plan b The Big Short

Brad Pitt continues to indulge his bromance with hotshot financial journalist Michael Lewis. The actor has already agreed to star in a big-screen adaptation of Lewis’s 2003 best seller, Moneyball, at Columbia Pictures. Now Vulture has learned that Pitt, who is producing an adaptation of The Big Short, Lewis’s explication of America’s 2008 financial meltdown, is moving quickly to get his most recent best seller made: Insiders tell Vulture that Paramount and Pitt’s company, Plan B, are imminently hiring screenwriter Charles Randolph (The Interpreter) for a cool three-quarters of a million dollars to adapt the Lewis book.

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