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May 01
New Forum Design

It was time for a new unprofessional ;) design at the SB Forum made by yours truly. I personally think those on set Softbank pics look as good as a photoshoot! Enjoy.

May 01
New Basterds still


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May 01
Brad’s Top 5

Brad participated in the infamous Top 5 of where he comments about a friend skater of his: Mike Carroll. It’s real funny, check it out. Big thanks to Waichi!

The Top 5 Things Mike Carroll says when he’s drunk – by Brad Pitt (04/29/09).

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Actor Brad Pitt has said that by the end of 2009 he would like to see 100 homes built in the storm-wrecked Lower 9th Ward neighborhood.

There’s still a long way to go, but Pitt’s dream of seeing dozens of families thriving in one of the neighborhoods hardest-hit by Hurricane Katrina is slowly becoming a reality. More than two dozen homes are either finished or under construction, and duplexes are on the way.

On a recent visit to the site, Pitt met with architects commissioned by the Make It Right Foundation to design duplexes that will sit among the new homes.

On Wednesday, a group of New Orleans activists and civic leaders planned to give Pitt’s effort a boost with a $150,000 donation, the average cost to build. Source. Thanks Sandra.

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During the civil rights movement, the distinction was made between those who would “talk the talk” — i.e., attend parties, fundraisers and speeches — and those who would be willing to “walk the walk” — that is, use their bodies as a backstop for nightsticks and clubs.

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the news media and New Orleans itself were inundated with people who were willing to talk the talk. And from this gaggle of talkers emerged one who took the long walk with our city.

Brad Pitt found, after listening to residents, that this horrible man-made disaster created an opportunity to build something better than what had existed before. From starting the Make It Right Foundation, which is building hundreds of affordable and sustainable homes in the Lower Ninth Ward and elsewhere in the city, to his advocacy on behalf of New Orleans with congressional leaders to his filming of the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which featured our city so beautifully, Pitt has remained committed to the people of New Orleans. Read more. Thanks Sandra.

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Taping commercial – New York City, NY (04/28/09).

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Apr 29
BP Media

There’s a wonderful new design up at BP Media! Made by one of my favorite designers: Kat from DK Designs. Thanks so much. And check the last uploaded.

Ocean’s 12 – Premieres/Pressconference (Thanks to Sue).
True Romance – Premieres.
Golden Globes (96)

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