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Taping commercial – New York City, NY (04/29/09) (thanks to Carole).

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May 02
Moneyball update

Starting with “Ocean’s Eleven,” Brad Pitt and Steven Soderbergh made a trilogy of films about a group of savvy risk-takers who use their unconventional thinking to strike it rich. Pitt and Soderbergh’s next collaboration will also see them focusing on a group of risk-taking, outside-the-box thinkers — except the action in “Moneyball” is entirely legal.

“We have the dramatic building blocks, so the question is how real can we make the world?” the director asked while promoting his feature about a high-class escort, “The Girlfriend Experience.” “My clearly stated goal is to set a new standard for realism in that [sports] world.”

Filming begins in about six weeks, and the Oscar-winning director is not shy when it comes to his expectation for the finished product. “I hope it sets a new standard,” Soderbergh said. “Hopefully, anybody who makes a sports movie from now on is going to have to grapple with this.” Read all. Thanks Sandra and Intothegrinder.

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May 02
New scan

Added a scan of the Time 100 Most Influential (05/11/09) magazine, thanks to Kimber! In related news, the W photoshoot (one of the pictures is also used in the Time spread) by photographer Chuck Close, has been woven as an eight-foot-tall tapestry and can be viewed at PaceWildenstein 25th Street from May 1 – June 20, 2009 in NYC. Read more. Thanks NS!

Time (Thanks to Kimber).

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May 01
New Forum Design

It was time for a new unprofessional ;) design at the SB Forum made by yours truly. I personally think those on set Softbank pics look as good as a photoshoot! Enjoy.

May 01
New Basterds still


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May 01
Brad’s Top 5

Brad participated in the infamous Top 5 of where he comments about a friend skater of his: Mike Carroll. It’s real funny, check it out. Big thanks to Waichi!

The Top 5 Things Mike Carroll says when he’s drunk – by Brad Pitt (04/29/09).

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Actor Brad Pitt has said that by the end of 2009 he would like to see 100 homes built in the storm-wrecked Lower 9th Ward neighborhood.

There’s still a long way to go, but Pitt’s dream of seeing dozens of families thriving in one of the neighborhoods hardest-hit by Hurricane Katrina is slowly becoming a reality. More than two dozen homes are either finished or under construction, and duplexes are on the way.

On a recent visit to the site, Pitt met with architects commissioned by the Make It Right Foundation to design duplexes that will sit among the new homes.

On Wednesday, a group of New Orleans activists and civic leaders planned to give Pitt’s effort a boost with a $150,000 donation, the average cost to build. Source. Thanks Sandra.

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