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Character: Guy on beach with drink (Uncredited)
Release Date: 6 March 1987
Directed By: Lawrence Bassoff
Written By: Lawrence Bassoff
Genre: Comedy/Fantasy
Tagline: He made a devil of a deal… Now there’s hell to pay!
MPAA Rating: PG
Produced by: Marimark Productions
Distributed by: BCI Eclipse
Budget: Unknown
Filming Dates: 13 October 1986

Brad Pitt…Guy on beach with drink
John Allen Nelson…Hunk Golden
Steve Levitt…Bradley Brinkman
Deborah Shelton…O’Brien
Rebeccah Bush…Sunny
James Coco…Dr. D
Robert Morse…Garrison Gaylord
Cynthia Szigeti…Chachka

Filming Locations:

A computer nerd makes a deal with the Devil and gets a new, “beefcake” body.

Trivia & Facts:
At 16 minutes in, when Bradley Brinkman is introduced to Skeet Mecklenberg, look for Brad Pitt as an extra seated in a beach chair behind Skeet. He’s in blue and white striped shorts seated next to a blonde girl in a white, string bikini.

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