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Brad Pitt is an executive producer and narrator on the film, described as a celebration of the earth from the birth of the universe to its final collapse. France’s Wild Bunch has picked up world sales rights to Terrence Malick’s Voyage of Time, a documentary project the Tree of Life filmmaker has been working on […]

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The director’s Sycamore Pictures and financiers behind “Voyage of Time” reach a deal to put an end to a lawsuit and countersuit. Terrence Malick’s Sycamore Pictures has struck a deal with investors who are suing over the director’s failure to complete Voyage of Time, a film project described as portraying “the events of our cosmic […]

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Lawyers for Terrence Malick said today that it’s not his Sycamore Pictures but London-based film financing company Seven Seas Partnership who is guilty of breach of contract over the director’s long-time-in-the-making Voyage Of Time documentary series. In a counterclaim (read it here) to SSPL’s July 19 complaint over the “epic film” filed Monday in federal […]

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Famed director Terrence Malick said “Voyage of Time” would be his masterpiece. His investors say it was a $6 million cruise to nowhere. One backer wants his money returned, charging in a federal lawsuit that Malick not only failed to make the promised documentary trilogy, but used investors’ cash on other projects, including the recent […]

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Terrence Malick is notorious for deleting subplots and even entire characters during the editing process, but for a director’s cut of The Tree of Life he’s going to put some of that extra footage back in. Malick’s longtime editor Billy Weber recently revealed that the filmmaker is working on a new edit that’ll include some […]

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With Terrence Malick juggling so many projects we’ve been curious as to the timeframe we’ll actually see them. Last year gave as his astounding epic The Tree of Life, while this year To the Wonder is arriving on the fall festival circuit. Then he’s currently hard at work on back-to-back features, as well as his […]

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