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Brad visits the Hill House

Pauline Molloy: “I’ve just had the most surreal, fab, magical day with Chris at The Hillhouse in Helensburgh. We walked into the gorunds of the house and who was standing there taking photos?? BRAD PITT!!!! we were about 10 steps away from him. I took out my camera but his securtiy guard said no pics (BOO) While we were watching him Angelina came out of the house!! Chris wrote his name under their names in the guest book and he has the pen!!! It was brill cause Chris is a massive fan. still can’t believe it.”

Hill House in Helensburgh, Scotland is one of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s most famous works, probably second only to Glasgow School of Art. It was designed and built for the publisher Walter Blackie in 1902 – 1904.

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