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An an eight time Oscar nominee — winning for “The Lion King” in 1995 — recent years have seen Hans Zimmer mostly in blockbuster mode. For Christopher Nolan, he’s tuned up “Inception,” “The Dark Knight” trilogy and the forthcoming “Man Of Steel,” and he’s given Captain Jack Sparrow some bounce in three of the four […]

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This week Fox Searchlight has picked up two films that could be huge winter releases for the label. Yesterday we caught word of the finalization of a deal for Searchlight to distribute Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, with a release possibly happening in late 2013. Now the company has announced plans to distribute Steve […]

Today one of our Twitter followers, @CrystalSorrow, spotted signs for “12 Years” filming outside St. Joseph Plantation, located at 3535 Highway 18 in Vacherie, LA. Right now, it appears the signs indicate they are prepping to shoot Twelve Years A Slave at the plantation later this month. @CrystalSorrow @olv Something titled 12 years is being […]

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Brad Pitt is coming back to New Orleans, and he’s bringing his Steve McQueen-directed adaptation of the Solomon Northup memoir “Twelve Years a Slave” with him. Filming is set to begin in late June. Brad PittActor Brad Pitt signs autographs at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. Local homeowner Pitt will return to New Orleans this […]

New Regency is in talks to co-finance and distribute (through its output deal with 20th Century Fox) the Steve McQueen-directed Twelve Years A Slave, an adaptation of the Solomon Northup memoir originally published in 1853. Chiwetel Ejiofor will play Northup, and Michael Fassbender will reunite with Shame director McQueen. Fassbender will play a plantation owner. […]

With his first two feature films (Shame and Hunger), Steve McQueen has already established a distinctive visual style, and that’s no mean feat. Most of the great directors have all taken at least double that amount to make their style completely distinguishable from others. Perhaps it’s because his style is so intense and visceral and […]

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(…) What the Irish/German actor would consent to is discussing what as of right now will be his first official film of 2012, a reunion with his “Shame” director Steven McQueen in the picture “12 Years A Slave,” starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Brad Pitt (who he briefly co-starred with in “Inglourious Basterds”). “That’s the next […]

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Summit Entertainment has released this debut promo poster and synopsis for Steve McQueen’s (Hunger, Shame) upcoming adaptation of Solomon Northrup’s autobiography ‘12 Years A Slave.’ The film stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, who’s been cast as the lead, Brad Pitt, and Michael Fassbender – who previously worked with McQueen on ‘Hunger,’ and ‘Shame.’ Written in 1853, the […]

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